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  1. Thank You Mathijs for the info,very good news.
  2. What about ASN=Aerosoft Sim News? I am surprised there are no photos or any description of that side of the AEROSOFT expansion in this section.I would like to add that I feel very much informed in the way all aspects of simulation is heading through this site, http://asn.aerosoft.com/ ,not only does this site keep you up to date on releases as they happen but so far has enjoyed a non biast approach which shows a very high level of maturity on the part played by Aerosoft. It is without a doubt very well managed and I am also impressed by its editor and its well laid out delivery.Please tell me Wdiekmann, is this part of Aerosoft going to last the test of time? I am like so many others reliant of this site, and would appreciate any feedback you can provide for me on this. Thanks Richard Lincoln (JAMESBERRY)
  3. My email is sent under Richard Lincoln and i am looking forward to your reply.
  4. I have alot of time on my hands and would like the opportunity to be more involved in the simulation community.I will be putting my hand up for this one.
  5. I am only new to FSX and i have to say,AWESOME is the word i choose to describe having another sim to have fun with.I find these posts interesting though,you all seem passionate and loyal to FSX,which is a good quality although as much as i am getting drawn in by FSX and the challenges it brings i find MS FLIGHT puts a different set of cards on the table.Anyway i think it's fun and deffenently worth having on the market,the more practice the better right?
  6. Gday i just deleted AVG .It was not good for My aerosoft products,i had the same problem.I dont know why it does that.Good Luck
  7. G,day all im rather new at flight simulator and loving it.So i found this Aerosoft site a little while back and i have since purchased LUKLA, 355220 TWIN OTTER,360347 ASPEN X 360647 AND CLEVELAND X 360648 now i am more than satisfied with these products,i think they are second to none,but here are my questions.1 When i recieved the product for say $12.80 ie ASPEN X my email had another charge for 1 x CD Service (Support by CustomCD) (2)what is this?Dont get me wrong i love the product but i ended up paying $20 per package because i also bought CLEVELAND X last night with the same charge apart from the actual product so instead of $25.60 i paid $40 is this right ? is that cd service correct ?can anyone explain this please.But a big thumbs up to AEROSOFT for the great products so far.RICHARD LINCOLN.
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