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  1. aerosoft-shop.com is reported as malicious site

    I checked via my vpn tunnel to France and it works through it. The downloaded file gets the blocked by M$


    In Switzerland, Swisscom has implemented a firewall for malicious sites which cannot be circumvented by customers. Any setting I do will not change the fact that Swisscom will block it. I have already reported to Microsoft that it is OK. But the owner can report the site aswell. That would be your turn


    It is very strange. No issue on the new store downloads


    Its purely related to aerosoft-shop.com

  2. Thats what I am doing.  ;)


    I have truned off the msh file in Vaeroy subfolder, restarted the sim. Hurray, the Heliport is now fine. Not so the airport. But who cares. It is closed in real life.

    This appeared to have had a side effect on Svolvaer. The sloped runway is now fine !?


    I test now with a restart of the sim, need to see if this is persitant





    I find a ABP_ENSH.bgl no ENVY or ENVR could be found










    Besides this I find the standard, from Aerosoft installed files










  4. vor 2 Minuten, mopperle sagte:

    I'll try to find out whether the external developer has any plans to do so.


    I can see from the change log that the other norvergian airports were updated a few times since its P3Dv4 initial release. Helle-Svolvaer ist worth to spend a bit of time to make it work too. Not too much to ask for. We paid some cash for this

  5. vor 2 Minuten, mopperle sagte:

    Reason seems to be quite simple: bot Addons are not compatible with P3Dv4


    Come on. Jo can do a fix, like Flylogic did a fix for their sceneries and selling them now a s new products.


    I am happy to pay 15 bucks for the fix to get the scenery work properly. It all comes to elevation fix.


    Trondheim got fixed

    Bergen got fixed

    Tromsö got fixed

    Oslo got fixed


    Don't tell me that after such a long time you cannot fix Vaeroy and Svolvaer which ENHS btw is the most important Airport on the Lofoten ...




  6. vor 9 Minuten, mopperle sagte:

    Sorry, you are wrong here, otherwise it wouldnt work on my machine as you can see in my screenshots. ;)

    Please show me a screenshot of your scenery library, so that I can see where ENVA sits.


    ENVA = Trondheim


    ENVY/ENVR Vaeroy

    ENSH Svolvaer


    I am not speaking about Trondheim!


    They sit at the very top. Right after the Add-ons


    ORBX sits lower right above Bathymetry






  7. Hi


    a. ENSH starts under the runway textures on a default runway. Not the regular runway from the scenery.

    b. ENVY and ENVR the start locations are below textures surface too.


    In both cases I can see the buildings above me


    I have new installation


    ORBX ( Global, Vector, Norway, ENNK)

    I installed Vaeroy / Svolvaer X

    The I run Vector Elevation Correction


    FTX ON is checked in ConfigTool


    And to be honest, when I bought them, the issue never got resolved. I abandonned the earlier threads and swuitched to the XP version which does work. Nevertheless, since then p3d made  a step towards VR and I am trying to get this done again.


    The product at this stage -> Not usable


    Tell me if I have to manually turn off anything under F:\Spiele\P3DV4\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_NOR_...  I'll be happy to do so.

    Or eventually change something in the P3D\Aerosoft\Svolvaer or \Vaeroy folders?


    Thanks for the assistance




  8. Hello Martin,

    Strange this, can you see in the display menu under the Aircraft tab and see if "Aircraft casts shadows on the ground" is checked, if so uncheck it.

    Do the aircraft then show.

    Then the A/C show up. Thanks for the hint.



    btw, whenever you got a beta, i'll be willing to help you again ;)

  9. Hallo

    Ich weiss nicht ob das schon mal gefragt wurde, aber wann kommt AES für den FlusiX?

    Ich habe den FS9 aufgrund eines Platten Crashes nicht mehr. AES habe ich mir erst gerade zugelegt will aber den FS9 nicht mehr verwenden.

    Gerne erwarte ich eine kurze Antwort.




  10. I sadly have to admit, that i have removed FSX from my Vista. :( on the other hand, who cares, i got 20 GB free space again ;)

    I tried FSX for several times now. I have tried many many tweaks and i tried my payware addons that natively are for FSX. I could not get the FPS go over 10-12 fps, even having the details lowered to the minimum. traffic 5% no AA, no AF, 1024x768, 1.x water high, no shadow, mesh 70%, ...

    another thing you will take notice. FSX turns Aero OFF, while FS9 keeps it on. I have much better fps running FS9 natively Vista 32-Bit than having it on WinXP emulation mode.

    I will certainly give another go, once the patch is out. A far as this concerns, expect it for Q4 '07.



  11. I have Vista Ultimate and FS9 running perfectly. I noticed an increase of 5 - 10 fps. Unfortunately i cannot tell if this relates to the fact that i installed from scratch and my windowsXP installation was already 4 years old or if it relates to the 1GB of mem that i added ;)

    My specs:

    P4 3.2 Dual Core (800FSB)

    2GB Ram

    GF 6800GT 256MB

    Forceware 100.59 Driver

    Some old games don't run anymore. I had to give up my F1 2002 :(

    FS9 and FalconAF however runs like a charm



  12. hallo

    ich bin nun seit einer woche besitzer eines Vista Ultimate. leider musste ich feststellen, das mein FS Flightkeeper keine flughäfen mehr anzeigt. Auch nach dem aktualisieren der datenbank nicht.

    wie kann ich diese problem beheben?

    gruss und dank


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