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  1. What is the source of the data that will appear on the weather radar display? thx
  2. Looks very exciting and a must have for me. Hope it is finished soon! I love to fly in Alaska.
  3. Very nice looking plane, I can tell much effort has be put into this project. One thing I would like to know, is there no trim gauge? I use a switch on my yoke to set trim, and anyway the mouse is very difficult to use for turning that trim wheel. Also, I mostly use DX10 mode and DX10 has no tool tips. Thanks Ron
  4. I have just returned this yoke for the phantom button press problem so many are experiencing. This does not bother me as I am sure it is a early production run problem that Saitek will fix shortly. The thing that kind of bugs me is the null zone which seems to be designed into the hardware. There is about 10 degrees of motion left and right with no response and about 4-5 cm in front and behind the center notch with no response. This is the way it acts with or with out Saitek drivers. If you leave Flight Simulator sensitivities turned up you can over control easily because of the large
  5. Hello Mathjis, I assume this scenery offer is no longer valid with or without discount? The supplied link leads to the old Aerosoft shop, and the only Freight Dogs item I can find at the new online shop is the scenery bundled with the DHC2 Beaver which I already have. Ron
  6. Thanks Mathjis, It is pretty much as I thought. I was surprised at running the FSX demo at a usable pace on my computer. I fear any addons would bring it too its knees though. XP 3200+ Radeon X1600pro 1gb DDR I guess when my FSX arrives in a few days I will just have to run it as best I can until mid 2007 or so. Being retired I can't upgrade as often as I might like. I am prepared to purchase a new computer for FSX, but with Vista and DX10 just around the corner I think a wait and see policy is prudent. Besides as with most everyone, I am getting the best ever experience out
  7. Can someone please explain how future hardware is likely to improve FSX performance. From reading about dual core and soon to be quad core processors running at reduced core speeds to reduce heat and power consumption, it seems on the face of it more likely FSX FPS may not improve much at all since it is not multi-core optimized and more limited currently by CPU power than GPU. I admit I am not a hardware expert, and I hope my analysis is wrong! Ron
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