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  1. Hi Otto, That's fair enough. I do, very much, appreciate your input. I don't understand how switching OFF the ORBX files got rid of the buildings as the IDS Nassau has higher priority in the SCENERY.CFG. One of lifes' mysteries!! Within the ORBX folders is one called OLC_NA_LIGHTS which contains a file called "!Nassau_LM.BGL". I think I'll go play with that first! Of course, it just might switch off the lights for the whole island!
  2. Hi Otto, Turning OFF the ORBX file "APT_MYNN.BGL" gets rid of the default terminal, but there's still some odd transparent texture squares around the airport terminal building. I turned OFF the other ORBX ABP files with no change in this affect. I then thought that they may be "light spashes" , so went to the IDS NASSAU scenery configurator and turned off 3D lights - no change. See attached pic.
  3. Hi Otto, Well...when looking at the scenery within FSX it shows the same. I don't actually use "that tool" to change the order, I just use it to VIEW. I did the ORBx library insertion thing way back, and also ran the ORBX Airport Elevation Correction tool after installing IDS Nassau. I checked again and noticed that MYNN is not listed in EITHER column of the AEC tool. I'll try changing the APT_MYNN.BGL file to APT_MYNN.BGL.OFF to see if that has any effect, and then report back.
  4. ABP_MYNN.BGL and APT_MYNN.BGL in the ORBX folders. APT_MYNN.BGL looks like an AFCAD file as I was able to load it into ADEX. But .................ORBX is way down my SCENERY.CFG list.(???)
  5. Hi Otto, Pic of top of scenery list..... Regards, Philip
  6. Hi all, The files set for this are dated May 31, 2016 11:00. It appears that the FSX default terminal buildings are showing through and I'm getting some ground texture flashing. I noticed the FSX default grey terminal buildings first, and it kinda ruins the effect of the addon. Not to mention that parked aircraft are ploughed through the default. UGH! I tried searching for this problem in the forum, but haven't found anything relevant. I've tried uninstall/reinstall, check for duplicate afcad files. Can anybody shed any light on this. Regards, Philip
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