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  1. Laptop: Alienware M14xR1 A03 2.30 gigahertz Intel Core i7-2820QM 64-bit Multi-core (4 total) Hyper-threaded (8 total) 8 GB Installed Memory (7.9 GB Usable) SAMSUNG SSD PM810 2.5" 256GB [Hard drive] NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M [Display adapter] Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601) Plus the usual DVD,Bluetooth,WiFi, etc. Desktop: Self-Built Intel DX58SO E29331-503 Motherboard 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7 965 (64-bit ready) Muti-core (4 total) Hyper-threaded (8 total) 4 GB Installed Memory (2.75 Usable) 332.88 GB Usable Hard Drive Capacity Promise 1X2 Mirror/RAID1 SCSI Disk Drives (500.04 GB) (2x) NIVIDIA GeForce GTX/9800 GTX+ (Display Adapters) (2x - SLI) Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601) Plus usual DVD Dual LightScribe (2x), Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. and a mess of software <smile>
  2. OK, then can these items be moved in Airport Weeze, or can the AES stairs, buses, and fuel truck be programmed to follow a wider route, so as not to come into conflict? At least "Airport Weeze" added an AFD folder to allow ADE corrections/additions and Instant Scenery additions. If these items were removable, then they could be added back in a non-conflicting location with Instant Scenery. I would hate to remove AES, as it is a very creative program and rounds out what FSX and Airport Weeze, etc. fail to include and I am sorry to be such a stickler for program accuracy, but I have put a lot of time into correcting too many FS airport errors not to care.
  3. Airport Weeze places baggage carts on the left side of parked aircraft. AES places a cone, fire extinguisher and wheel blocks at the front of a parked aircraft. AES passenger stairs run over the baggage carts and buses and the fuel truck run over the baggage carts and the fire extinguisher. Is there a method for moving these objects out of the way? Additionally Airport Weeze has a mirror copy on a baggage cart in the southwest corner of the tarmac. Is there a method for correcting this error, or removing the cart?
  4. To all those discussing white/green aerodrome beacons, let us not forget that the FAA does not control the entire world, even in simulation. Please add white/white rotating aerodrome beacons and white flashing omindirections aerodrome beacons as regulated in German airspace under the authority of Eurocontrol (which is the authority in most of that whole other area of the world called Europe). Let us also not forget that not all transitions occur at FL180 around the world and that millibars versus inches of mercury exist for altimeter setting in other than the USA. Just because "English" is the accepted universal aeronautical language, it is not exclusive to the USA, as a lot of other countries claim it as theirs own language also. In other words, pilots, even simmers, fly around the world and other regulatory agencies exist with differing requirements, as permitted by the IACO, to which most countries with aerodromes are a party. This is what Microsoft programmers seem to forget. Please do not do so also.
  5. A lot of good it will do to mention this here, but MSFSX programmers need to be reminded that FSX is sold and flown in most of the world and that there are other regulatory agencies than merely the FAA. Just because green\white aerodrome beacons for civil airports exist in the USA, does not mean that FSX can exclude white/white rotataing aerodrome beacons and flashing white only omnidirectional aerodrome beacons regulated by German authorities, under the jurisdiction of Eurocontrol, and other jurisdictions in countries other than the USA, including Canada <smile> How about transition levels (not all at FL180), atc phraseoligy, altimeter settings (inches versus milibar), speed restrictions, etc. The FAA, possibly to the surprise of Microsoft programmers has not taken over the world, not even in simulation. Perhaps we need to send a link to Eurocontrol's AIP to Microsoft programmers: http://www.ead.euroc...lic/pu/login.do
  6. Excellent question Reed44 and I add, when will the new tower at its new location north of Taxiway N8 be added and will this tower have a white/white rotating beacon, since FSX does not include German beacons, only USA civil (green/white) and military (green/white/white) airport beacons?
  7. My Traffic X by Aerosoft on FS2004. Even using MS SDK Traffic Tool Box by deleting them in the explorer, US Navy Helicopters keep coming back parked at a US Air Force Base. How do I stop them. I can't figure out the MyTraffic Editor. I must be getting really old.
  8. My Traffic X by Aerosoft on FS2004. Even using MS SDK Traffic Tool Box by deleting them in the explorer, US Navy Helicopters keep coming back parked at a US Air Force Base. How do I stop them. I can't figure out the MyTraffic Editor. I must be getting really old.
  9. Thanks DRE. ......But: "Lite probably (well obviously more complex than the Microsoft planes). A quality hardcore airbus will take years to make for FSX" is the reply regarding what type of plane it will be. I will await the release with anticipation also. John
  10. Shaun wrote: "I'm afraid we have no control over other developers as to if and when they want to update there old FS9 products to FSX, but the products that are coming out now most are in house products which we do have control over, but we cant work on everything at once." Shaun: I understand. Just as I am bugging Aerosoft about Mega Airport Frankfurt, I am also bugging Just Flight about my Airbus 330-300. Mega Airport Frankfurt is an in-house product over which Aerosoft has control. The website has been displaying a broken "pre-order" link for some time now and we keep seeing new in-house products coming out. I am just asking that some priority be given to existing products. John
  11. Where, Oh Where are the upgrades for an Airbus 330 and a Mega Airport Frankfurt for FSX. FSX has been out for quite a while now. I am getting extremely tired of having to fly my Airbus to Frankfurt in FS9. You folks knew FSX was in the works and sold FS9 programs without gearing up to program upgrades, but are continuing to program new items for FSX, without working to upgrade the existing FS9 programs. :cry:
  12. Shaun: Just for information, when using the AFCAD tool to change Gate D13 to accept US Airways A330-300, instead of the program automatically assigning Gate V113 (which is really a "Ramp with a bus") you must save the changed .blg file to the Aerosoft Scenery File, instead of the AFCAD program's suggested "FS Addon Scenery File," as normal - FS would not accept the change at that location. I guess that is because the Aerosoft file is already an "Addon." I saved the original Aerosoft .blg file in a folder in the Aerosoft Scenery file with a ReadMe note, explaining the process (I am old and may forget what I did <grin>). Thanks for all the help. Now when I land at Frankfurt, I am directed to Gate D13 (where US Air really gets to park).
  13. Shaun: How did I know that I could count on you folks to have the answer :?: Thank you so much, since we parked the real A330-300 at gate D-13 and not Ramp V113. I would have been upset having to ride to the terminal in the rain
  14. Aircraft Config ATC Parking Code for USA is USA. :roll: Please advise ATC Parking Code for Mega Airport Frankfurt, so that Frankfurt Ground will direct me to an AGNIS gate and not a Ramp parking space for my US Airways PSS Airbus 330-300. And while I am at it, why are there no static US aircraft at Rhein-Main, since the US also flies numerous aircraft to that airport daily :?:
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