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  1. I don't have the Airbus Pro version but have the previous bundle Airbus pack for versions of FSX/P3D2/3. I am here because I am thinking of purchasing the P3D4 Pro version soon as well as purchasing P3D4.x. Anyway, I recently got back into flight simming again and installed FSX-SE and all my Airbuses as well as some of the other addons I have in addition to FSIUPC4. I notice when flying the Airbus that once I reached the TOD the plane would suddenly increase speed and drop speed in a frantic pace. That never happen before. It was a very frustrating and head scratcher for about a week until I remember something I did when I install FSIUPC4. I remember ticking all those ISA, Spike etc settings in the Misc Tabs in FSIUPC4. Once I removed all those tick marks from there the Plane behaved normal again like it should. I finally found my problem...User error..lol Just my 2 cents, maybe this is something related to help this issue for the Airbus Pro Team...It's probably not but I just though I mention it....Just a thought.
  2. Thanks for the gift!!...Much appreciated. Also, Looking forward to The Airbus Extened release! peace
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