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  1. Can anybody tell me which version of the A319-A320 works? Just want to fly this bird while waiting for the update.
  2. For those who are still having problems with DXGI_Device_Hung CTD I was having the same crashes and after searching it brought me to this post. I was able to solve my problem by downloading a new version of TrueGlass. After installing it I haven't had a single CTD. Just wanted to share my experience, maybe it can help anyone out there suffering from the same CTD with the Aerosoft A330.
  3. I wanted to update my post to share that I was able to run the latest Livery Manager in Win 10 2004. I uninstalled the buses. Restarted the computer. I went ahead and downloaded and installed each of the Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries found here. Restarted the PC . Installed the buses with AV off and restarted once again. Everything is working fine now. Hope it helps. Cheers. Ed
  4. I have added an exclusion as well but unfortunately it does not work. Getting the same error as the other users.
  5. Thank you very much Andreas. I went ahead and re-downloaded the installer from my Aerosoft account and verified it had a date of May 15. I verified the summary before installing and confirmed that it matched your description. Everything is working fine and the A330 shows up on the Aerosoft Updater list. Thanks for the help.
  6. I'm having the same problem that the A330 does not show on the Aerosoft Updater. I have installed, un-installed and reinstalled the product three times with my anti-virus off. After some digging I saw that on my Start menu there are two entries for the Aerosoft Updater. The latest version of the installer, installs it in C:\Users\Computer Name\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater and the previous installer including the A318/319 and A320/321 install it in G:\Windows\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater. Maybe therein lies the problem. Also the XML A330 file is in this new location and when running the updater the A330 does not show.
  7. Hello, Has there been any update on this? Is this something that Aerosoft can make happen? This is what the dev from Simbrief has to say about Simbrief and Navdata integration. " Because the SimBrief system exists on a webserver, you can't install navdata the same way you would with other addons. You can't download a file and copy/paste it into the program as it doesn't exist on your computer. Instead, the AIRAC is pre-installed onto the SimBrief server. Then, Navigraph provides it's customers with an access code which they can enter into their SimBrief profile to prove they have purchased the AIRAC cycle in question. If the access code is valid, the AIRAC is unlocked for use on the SimBrief account. Navdata Pro has no such access code system, without one it would be impossible to verify which users have actually bought the AIRAC before unlocking it for them. I believe users have already requested this feature several times on the aerosoft forums but with no luck as of yet. Navigraph has had this system in place for years and uses it for several other websites as well as an iPhone/iPad app I believe. "
  8. I have FS DreamTeam scenery installed and it uses an addon manager to validate my purchase. I think they use Couatl addon manager. Can I activate my scenery using that addon manager? I ask because the addon manager includes FlightBeam KSFO.
  9. I recently bought Flightbeam KSFO scenery boxed version from Aerosoft and was wondering if I have the option of activating the scenery offline. I don't want the Aerosoft Launcher application installed on my SSD Thanks Edgar.
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