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  1. On the product page in the Aerosoft webshop it is advertised that the product is compatible to Airport Enhancement Services (from AES version 2.13). So when version 2.13 became available I was very happy. But I can not find Keflavik in the airport list of AES. Does this mean we will not get AES in Keflavik or did I something wrong? Arjen The Netherlands
  2. Downloading the latest Launcher version solved the problem for me too. But I am not out of trouble yet. When I load the aircraft in FSX FSX reports a fatal error and shuts down . I uninstalled the product and reinstalled it with the Antivirus off, but that made no difference. I have many add-ons installed (almost all payware) and have no problem with them at all, but this one does not work for me.
  3. Same problem here. Also bought the Katana. In my case from Simmarket because I bought there the former version of the Katana. By the way: the internet connection is fine. The Home page of the Launcher is showing the latest news from Aerosoft. Kind regards, Arjen
  4. Hi Sascha, Thanks for your reply. I use AI traffic and UTX. But in UTX I had the choice between the road textures with 'painted' traffic on it and not. Default is with. You already guessed I use the road textures without it. I would be more happy if I could do the same in the EHRD package. I only want to see moving traffic on the roads. Kind regards, Arjen, The Netherlands
  5. Hi Shaun, I agree with you Shaun, that there is no fault with the product. I just wanted to let you know that I am not happy with some of the decisions that were made with this product. That's all I wanted to let you know. Just feedback from a client. With kind regards, Arjen The Netherlands
  6. Yesterday I bought the Rotterdam X scenery and I have very mixed feelings about it. It looks fine but I am not happy with some of the decisions that were made. For instance the fact that it is not compatible with the DX10 preview modus. Yes, the texture for the taxiways are great, but now I have to switch DirectX10 preview off. While most of the time FSX gives higher frame rates with DX10 preview checked. I can understand the decision, but I am not happy with it. I tried to use the scenery with DX10 preview checked but in that case the PAPI lights are not visible. The same is true for the choice for a non real ILS frequency. I can understand the choice but I am not happy about it. I also don't like the fact that cars are 'painted' on the textures of the highways. I know it is a photo. I fly a lot of VFR and like the moving cars in FSX. It brings life to the scenery and adds to the feeling you are actually flying. But now it looks strange. The same is true for the containers and cranes in the harbour area. I can understand the decision but I am not happy with it. I know I can restore things as described in the manual. I don't write this because I want to write bad about a product. I have a good life and don't need to vent my frustrations by writing bad about flightsim products. But I just want to let you know I am not happy about the product and I am considering to deinstall it. Things would be a lot better if the product was delivered with a tool that would give me the possiblility to make my own choices. With kind regards, Arjen The Netherlands
  7. Hi William, The only way you can solve this issue for yourself is setting the realism level a notch lower. You don't have to go to unrealistic settings. Just a little bit lower and it will fly a lot better. If Aerosoft hasn't solved yet, I don't expect they will solve it in the future. Kind regards, Arjen
  8. Hi Matthijs, I received the e-mail. Thanks! Kind regards, Arjen
  9. When will tomorrow come.....???? :? :? And Matthijs, how should I contact you? PM is disabled. Isn't it easier for you to contact me? As forum admin you have access to my profile and my e-mail adress. Kind regards, Arjen
  10. I think I just passed the Boiling Point test. :wink: Matthijs, I will contact you once the product has moved. You are a gentleman! Kind regards, Arjen
  11. Hi Matthijs, You know how to test my patience! Is this a kind of Boiling Point test like on MTV?? :wink: Kind regards, Arjen
  12. Hi Matthijs, Any idea how much time this will take??? More than two months have passed since my initial post. Kind regards, Arjen
  13. I don't want to play the wise guy, but I really thought the Piper Cheyenne was also developed by Digital Aviation. Or do we have to expect two Piper Cheyenne's to be released at almost the same time? :? :? Kind regards, Arjen
  14. I had the same thought as Jeff. The Dornier looks great. But it left me with the feeling the Piper Cheyenne is (partly) delayed because of the development of the Dornier. So some extra information would be appreciated. Kind regards, Arjen
  15. Hi Matthijs, This screenshots shows the stall warning on a roll out after landing with the RealAir Scout with tundra wheels. Kind regards, Arjen
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