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  1. I have problem in madiera airport and the picture says every thing

    look at the traffic and the ground (UNBELIVBLE)


    Another problem




    here i have a bad textures u can see the diffrent between the two halfs here and do not forget the tree in the far right in the screen


    Knowing I use FS Global 2010......

    i need the fix to this problem please and my respect for every one here

    if you have problem in the opening of the pictures you can open them by clicking right mouse button and select open link in new tab or new page

    finally many thanks for everyone

  2. hello guys

    when i try to open the PFD and ND in another monitor i see a drop in FPS :mad: ,And important to open the FSX in Windwed mode to i can undocking (pull) the ND and PFD in the another Screen :angry2_s: ...another thing,i cannot play with ENB Series with more than one Screen :comp1_s: ..........this is a many problems when i try to use another screen to open the ND and PFD or the GPS :dumb_me_s: ....

    i neeed to fix that importantly.......

    ,,,,,,,, there is another way to open the ND and PFD in another screen????? :wacko: .................................. :lightbulb_s: (USB monitor For Examlpe do not cause any Drop in FPS)

    i iam Waiting to the Answers ,Fixes And the Ideas..... :byesad_s:

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  3. hello guys in these days i would to buy the saitek instrument panel but today there is a point i stoped at it......

    when i decide to buy this instrument panel becuase i see in the pictures 6 screens like this picture http://www.fspilotsh..._6mountedcr.jpg

    but i Began to doubt about the health of my idea about the Six Screens In one box

    i need to know how the screens in one box of this saitek instrument panel...Its Cost is about 140$ i need two now how many screens in one box wich is its cost is 140$

    this is the link and i am waiting the answers my friends & many thanks for any one read this........

  4. Hello ladies and gentelmen

    Where's the airsimmer A320 For FSX

    I need it to fsx not fs2004

    And when we see the Airsimmer A320 Advanced Edition.

    The clock of this project still on 64% complete from more the year.

    So whats wrong on airsimmer projects especially for FSX not fs2004.

  5. Hello everyone

    My specs is :

    asus maximus iv xtreme Z68

    Core i7 2600k

    Two cards Ati HD6970

    16 GB rams corsair vengeance 1600MHz dual channel.

    Power supply corsair 850W

    The problem i get very low frams in Djerba x airport i don't know why?

    I try to disable the crossfire and the same problem still with me.

    Whats the fix for this problem my friends ?

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