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  1. And please it is not NEO it is CFM SHARKLET
  2. Hello Oliver, I replaced textures of the truck with LSG and it did work nicely as it got replaced. Also Ian is right that is my second problem whereas I bought credits from aerosoft market
  3. Hello, Can someone please tell me why cant I see the textures I replaced in Aerosoft AES 2.21? Thanks
  4. well @johannes251298 I have many credits left and I have lost all the purchase details. If there is a way then help. And repaints work. I tried a truck repaint. It worked. If theres a way to upgrade without paying then pls tell me. Thanks
  5. @Qseries - All thise repaints are for AES 2.23a or above. I need for AES V2.21 FS2004. @Ianj844 - Thank you soooooo much for doing them . I am sorry I cant find the stair and baggage but hope you manage. Thanks
  6. Hello, I need many re-paints but i'll give them one by one for no stress. I need all repaints for Aerosoft AES V2.21 - Name of airline/airport:Zurich Airport LSZH - Single Vehicle/Whole fleet (If single please state name): Whole Fleet - To be shown at ONE/various airports or Worldwide? (If one please state): Zurich Airport - Links(not embeded) to images of vehicles (very important!): Catering truck: Large: Small: De-icing Truck: Pushback Tug: Small Tug: Towbar Less: Bus: Passenger: Staff: Follow me: Sorry I don't have more photos, only these many. Please make it fast and contact me regarding anything at captshreychopra@gmail.com Staff bus-Small Other bus- Double one
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