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  1. Hi I have created a flight plan using SimBrief, and it saves it in C:\User\Name\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XXX Flightplans - so one of the flightplans saved is EGGWEHEH01 - but when I type this into the CoRoute and push the button - the flight plan is not registering. Can anyone help me? Just fixed it - went to the Data page and found the navigraph database was not set to be the primary one
  2. Hi I have just updated to V 1.5.2 and also have P3D V4.1 installed and am facing the same problem as others in this thread - in that I am not given any options to select a platform. I am confused by the responses from Tom A320 - as I do not see a reply from Otto in this thread or a link. Tom A320 - as I appear not to be the only one who cannot find the link you are referring to - can you post it in this thread - thanks
  3. I have purchased the Heathrow Extended airport from Aerosoft some time ago - the download version. When I go to purchase the new mega version - I am not seeing the discounted price. Any help appreciated
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