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  1. I believe to you interestingly to be engaged in the Russian airports, their planes, except a crumb of An-2) and it is a pity
  3. Always address I live here in Samara where there is this airport. By the way to us the flights A320 Lufthansa regularly makes. Airline of Arabia, Airline of Ukrainy.Utair.Aeroflot.Avialinii Russia, Avianova.Очень is a lot of private planes. I spread pair more of the photos, the well-known pit, behind it to be the sanatorium where the periodic carry out the Group of Eight summit, sometimes our president Vladimir Putin in the same place has a rest, on a photo the mighty river Volga thanks to which, calling on a strip 05 to become is visible is unreal beautiful, the river passes under the glissady The scenario is necessary both for FS9 and for FSX
  4. I would advise to make to Aero software the Tupolev-134 Plane and the Kurumoch-UWWW airport of the city of Samara (Russia) No the airport is more main) At half-mornings hours to summer from your Yekaterinburg. Kurumoch is important Russian aviation пунк (hub) between Asia and Europe. In 50 km from Kurumoch there is one more airport Bezymyanka-UWWG at which there is a plant on production of legendary planes of Tupolev. Tupolev - 154М, Bezymyank has one of the longest runways where Antonov-124 and Antonov-225, for transportation of launch vehicles progress constantly lands. Which are used by the whole world and the leading countries. In the same place rocket carriers Tupolev-160 and 95 are served. In Kurumoch the Samara Airline was based experience of Yekaterinburg shows that these should be engaged, and Russian will buy these products for good money! Believe me. I can give any consultations on these objects. Especially there are already turned out scenes which did for a long time, but they are on
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