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  1. that`s nice, I`m really excting about this project... can you show some more new shots.... one more? ) brds Martin
  2. What image do you mean? , this one in Pc Pilot? I know that AS3 is not "replace Fsx" project When we can expect some more info and screens from AS3? brds
  3. ok, so we have to wait. brds Martin
  4. hello, any updates about "secret project" ? It`s all know, that it will be Airline Simulator 3, Pilot Flying- by Pc Pilot No 62 so any news about it? brds
  5. Hi, How long it can take? from this discussion to final product? I`m 35 years old..... ))) brds
  6. janda

    fsx and Lukla

    so my question , I want to buy it , but what about compatibilty with fsx , is there any chance to upgrade, patch ? brds
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