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  1. 10 minutes ago, P_R_S said:

    Today will be a great day I'll get the relase date for the CRJ and as an extra gift UPS just delivered me my Fulcrum Yoke!!! :)

    Cannot be more excited!!!

    Hi, am also using Fulcrum Yoke - this is the best yoke I ever had... you will be amazed :)

    Ideal for CRJ also, and even really similar :)


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  2. you all go feverish and get excited when CRJ comes out .. the truth is that Asobo is on vacation and after the last update Aerosoft has a few problems and they have to wait until the team comes back to work to help them sort it out .. so I am calling for peace and quiet. a little patience .... amen

  3. Hi Mathijs, how can you comment on the fact that Pmdg is not able to release the 737 on the current MSFS platform, even though they supposedly work with Asobo in close cooperation ... and how does it look with your CRJ .. do you have similar problems?

  4. 16 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    Sorry it is indeed more, not sure how large, but f you remove all scenery and objects and see just the core sim it will still be relatively small.


    I`m alpha user since v3..


    I understand that at the moment you have a version that is more current than V5 ...  the beta is going to be 30-07 for us (alpha users).. is it the version you have ?


  5. 17 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:


    No,  let me explain what the boxed version actually contains. Microsoft Flight SImulator (that's the name, not FS2020) contains four major parts (Note the sizes are estimates from what we know at this moment.)

    1. The simulator code itself (the 'sim') that is pretty small in size, this is a mandatory part of the sim.
    2. The world and aircraft delivered by Microsoft, (that content depends on the version (the 'content') that is around 90 GB, this is a mandatory part of the sim.
    3. Optional online streamed content (this is an optional part of the sim)
    4. 3rd party files (clearly fully optional)

    Our DVD's contains 'all' of part 2, apart from the updates Microsoft and Asobo do between the moment the the DVD's are pressed and release. When you install, the sim will updates all files immediately form the servers and you will get the very latest code for the simulator itself and all content is updated. This is very much a simulator that depends on the cloud if you want to use it to its full potential. So the boxed version makes it possible for people on a slower internet connection to get the sim installed without downloading the 'content'.  So the simulator is in every way, 100% the same. The boxed retail version just gets you a nice box, printed manual and about 90 Gb you do not have to download. There is no difference between boxed retail and the verison MS sells directly. 






    Hi Mathijs,


    only 15 mb code???  is it mistake?



  6. Nice diplospeak Mathijs! :rolleyes:

    So AFS2015 is about right then?

    There are already two flight simulators on the way in 2012. That can hardly be called a dream nearly dead.

    Konrad .. :)

    My dream is focus on Aerosoft platform only..


    Marcin.. :)

  7. ok

    so my dream and great expectiations about new and fresh Flight Sim platform is nearly dead..

    it`s too long for discusion and looking like for me - sorry for my iritation.



  8. According to the German FS Magazin, the AFS 2012 project is on hold for now.



    Where you saw this notice... I`cant find it..

    is it all they said?



  9. Hi,

    We are six month`s to 2012... and still lack of any info about...

    When Aerosoft is going to tell anything..? few days before launch?

    or project is in "pattern holding" and waiting for FLIGHT from MS is going to be?...



  10. Sorry Martin but whats wrong with the answer? Mathijs stated that he simply can't explain in further depth. Most likely because of licenses and this lets someone think it has to do with the professional projects Aerosoft is doing.

    Or do you ask Apple when the new iOS comes out or Mercedes what their next car will look like?

    Thats business nothing more nothing less and nothing personal. There are agreements involved which are simply not for public.

    Best regards

    Emmanuel Kurz

    ok, I pass :)



  11. It's easy to say yes to that. But most of what's done right now is very much shared between FS2004 / FSX / X plane (yeah!) / professional projects and AFS 201something.

    if you could explain this ..... I don`t get it...

    p.s I`m glad to hear AFS is going well :) but was sure to hear more about it, not only " Hey guys Project is alive and we are happy"....



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