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  1. Hi Mathijs, how can you comment on the fact that Pmdg is not able to release the 737 on the current MSFS platform, even though they supposedly work with Asobo in close cooperation ... and how does it look with your CRJ .. do you have similar problems?
  2. ok, but if you show pictures of Crj then don't show them in the MSFS hangar because the models in the simulator don't look at the same level as there ok?
  3. thx, I`m alpha user since v3.. I understand that at the moment you have a version that is more current than V5 ... the beta is going to be 30-07 for us (alpha users).. is it the version you have ? brds
  4. What's on your mind?

  5. Konrad .. My dream is focus on Aerosoft platform only.. brds Marcin..
  6. ok so my dream and great expectiations about new and fresh Flight Sim platform is nearly dead.. it`s too long for discusion and looking like for me - sorry for my iritation. brds Martin
  7. Where you saw this notice... I`cant find it.. is it all they said? brds Martin
  8. great to hear Shaun! brds Martin
  9. Hi, We are six month`s to 2012... and still lack of any info about... When Aerosoft is going to tell anything..? few days before launch? or project is in "pattern holding" and waiting for FLIGHT from MS is going to be?... brds Martin
  10. hello Mathijs, that`s all for update? not even a word on AFS subforum? - by the way.. AFS forum should be clean from tons of outdated information and topics.. brds Martin
  11. if you could explain this ..... I don`t get it... p.s I`m glad to hear AFS is going well but was sure to hear more about it, not only " Hey guys Project is alive and we are happy".... brds Martin
  12. so, we are in "late feb" already.... Mathijs ? brds Martin
  13. so... three weeks and some news at last... I take your word for it... brds Martin
  14. HI Aerosoft.. update in status on February ( 2011 ) still active? brds Martin
  15. All the best for you Mathijs! brds Martin
  16. that`s nice ... so no news until february.... brds Martin
  17. where is the source of this information? brds Martin
  18. ok, no answer for 2010... so, Aerosoft 2011 is a fact .. where we are? what`s your status for this huge project? any comments? brds Martin
  19. please don`t change main question of this topic I started.. For questions like you ask, will be another time.. All we want to know IS, where we are with this project now...? with hope to answer... BRDS Martin
  20. Correct, that is exactly why I`m asking here.. - so still no answer... brds Martin
  21. HI, We are aproaching to the end of this year.. What is current status on this project? is there any progress ? brds Martin
  22. Snave.. First: My "tone" is just normal, and I try to ask questions ... nothing more Second: My questions isn`t targeted to you.- (Mathijas, Shaun) - so try don`t be oversenstive please. brds Martin
  23. Hi Shaun, thank`s a lot for answer, don`t get me wrong, I do not want to update step by step... forget it, but small amount of fresh info at least for two months or so.. would be great. don`t be angry but forum AFS looks like death place sorry for that. I`m sure to be not alone in this. just tell me is there any schedule to share any info with us? I`m sure lot`s of simaviation fans are waiting for that. brds Martin
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