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  1. Hallo, I used first the supplied driver with the graphics card, then I used the auto updated nVidia driver, after I used the latest driver, I used also one or two specific drivers from the older 197 series by a tip of some fs guru on some forum I do not remember anymore. Before you ask - yes I always uninstall the driver before reinstalling another one. I never got an windows error on the screen, It is only like I stated before, fsx is running OK for a while some times 10 min or half an hour; as long I not pause save the flight try to return to the cockpit, or look the map view and try to return, sometimes the scenery is loaded complete but the cockpit is missing and the plane is missing in the outside view, or nothing is loading and fsx freezes. When I change the graphics card for the old gtx260 everything is ok again. But I like to use the €500 gtx480. Using windowded mode or full screen does not make any difference. Using one monitor or using two monitors with undocked windows makes also no differences Anyway thanks for the reply, and sorry for the flaws in my spelling because my mother language is flemmish. Greetings Harry
  2. Hallo all of you, I do not now this is the right forum for my problem because I am not used to put questions, bit I like to give it a try. I use ms flightsim from fs 98 till now fsx with nvidia graphic cards and never had any problem till now. A few weeks ago I set up a new system for fsx as follows, W7 64 bit Ultimate, Intel i7 960,cooling Corsair hp50, 12 gb ram, and different drives one for windows and one for fsx,and one for other programs, that day I used my old graphics card an Asus nVidia 260gtx with 1295 mb ddr 3 memory. Everything was allright and fsx worked fine as before. A few days later I read about the nVidia 480 gtx and so I replaced the 260 for the gtx 480 1.5gb DDR5 memory. I tried a bunch of different nVidia drivers already but nothing helps. The problem is fsx is running and after a while the window freezes or fsx is running fine, I change to map view, cancel the view and the cockpit view cannot be redrawn, or sometimes the window is redrawn but the plane is missing. When I use Xplane (I know it use Open GL),or World of Subways 1 or 2, or I use Railworks, (these programs reside on their own sepparate HD's); never any problem occurs. So I think it will be an msfs problem. By the way I always run the processor and graphics card with their factory specs never overclock, fsx in not tweaked and I do not use DX10 preview. Is there someone with simmilar complaints, or is there someone who has a sollution. Thanks a lot in advance, Harry
  3. Hello, I am trying out the demo version but before I buy it I like to know if the demo and complete version differs in the following. For example I can install and use the gauge in the default Bell, there are also no problems with the Peter Salzgebers' Allouette II X, but the default FSX Robinson, does not show in the airplanes list (fsmap does not see it), is this normal? I use FSX SP1 and Vista 32bit version. Thanks a lot, Greetings Harry from Belgium
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