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  1. http://www.a320dp.com/A320_DP/nav-flight-management/sys-14.8.4.html
  2. Its there, but its very broken. Avoid it.
  3. Snap, forgot that aircraft have no gears I think it was mentioned A350 design video that nose weight weight is under 2 tons. So i'd assume A330 is around there. So to correct my math, it say all together @Ausflight you're looking @ around ~8.5 - 10tons for the whole under carriage.
  4. Beautiful as always Steve I just sky prime livery last night.
  5. Quoting: " Weighing 3,400 kilograms (7,500) pounds) this main landing gear is one of the largest in commercial service. This particular gear was removed from an A330 that made a successful forced landing in 2001. " Do 3400x2 that would equal to ~7000tons (or 15000lbs). so 7 tons is your answer
  6. Yep, found it in my thread already applied. For now i'm mid flight but will test once on the ground.
  7. I have never run into close door issues. But lets look at it from the real world perspective. Once the co-pilot is in place, we can assume that everyone is already in the plane. What I generally do is, once I start the assisted checklist "Cockpit Preparation" I close doors (not before but after I start the check list) via the MCDU 3. Right about 3-4 checklist items in, I turn on the parking brake. This way, you will largely avoid any issues with doors and you can do all the prep you need for the plane. By the time you're done your prep chances are you will already be sitting at the "GSX pushback piece". Regards,
  8. Hello ... I got no powers to change topic. @Mathijs Kok would you be able to please change the topic to : CL - Landing Lights -" as Rolf recommended. Thank you.
  9. Hey Rolf, it seems like its not linked to 10000ft, I did a quick test .... right after before takeoff checklist when copilot turns on landing lights. You cannot turn them off, it just keeps turning them back on.
  10. while I do like the way that Taxi lights were implemented, landing lights have a huge issue for me...... When started to move to runway pilot goes "lights on" and landing lights turn on...... - Good. After I passed 10000ft, pilot goes "Lights off" ..... you hear lights turn off .... BUT a split second after that he goes "Lights On" again and landing lights turn back on. Any time I try to turn off the landing lights (after 10000ft or while taxing to runway), he goes "lights on" and turns them back on. Tried it 3 times already, lights keep saying on and I cannot forcefully turn on them off. Note: Issue is only to landing lights. Nose light and Runway lights are ok.
  11. Just updating (note from post above) I think i've figured the culprit of it all out. There was some bug in LINDA profile. I deleted it completely, reinstalled and rebuilt it, problem seems to have gone away.
  12. Yes I have, but not for AS planes. I have custom profiles. Nothing is globally shared. I think i've figured the culprit of it all out. There was some bug in LINDA profile. I deleted it completely, reinstalled and rebuilt it, problem seems to have gone away.
  13. I would have to agree with you, I own other aircraft and never faced any issues slowing down for an approval. IT seems that autothrottle is linked to wind speed shades .... but it is too aggressive. When ever you see an UP arrow or DOWN arrow extend on your speed it means autothrottles will react but once again they are too aggressive. Ben, only suggestions are I give you is if you are on a very turbulent approach and you need to slow down ...... disconnect the auto throttles and pull the engines back to idle and engage max speedbrakes, as soon as you're 10 or so kts close to your approach speed, re-engage the AT. Any other way you will keep over shooting and plan will never slow down. I was on turbulent approach and was asked by controller to maintain 190kts will 5nm out .... I set the approach speed (135kts) 5nm out and by the time I was at minimums my speed was hovering @ 180, did two go arounds and only managed to get to my approach speed by using above method. Not sure why AS330 auto-thrust is so aggressive.
  14. Monitor is not 34" and its not ultra wide, standard 16:9. The "Jumping" between the menus in the MCDU 3 is caused everything I press any of my joystick keys. Id rather not re-install AS330 after every hotfix as it wipes all my liveries that I paint myself.
  15. Exciting .... I dug up also some configs for, logins ermmmmm. You can close this up to keep people guessing
  16. It seems like a random behaviors somehow attached to keys, either keyboard on joystick. Im making a video on how it works .... sometime it switches randomly ..... sometimes it switches when I change views, it would also switch when i press joystick keys even though you have no key bind options. If I it presses random selection keys .... issue is when I am setting up the cockpit and switching view it his "Skip item" couple of times and it did it one when my APU was turning on so the cockpit when back to cold and dark mode until APU turned on.
  17. So when you a looking at the MCDU 3 (radio stack one) it keep switching between checklist, options, ground state ..... all the sub menus .... randomly on its own.
  18. Thats is correct. That one on the bottom of the radio stack.
  19. So the MDCU C that hold options menu, keeps changing screens randomly ..... on its own every 10 seconds or so maybe less .... sometimes it clicked skip item in checklist. Any ideas?
  20. Being half Canadian, living in Toronto and knowing that canadian CC-150 Polaris A310s will eventually be replaced with A330 ..... came up with this.
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