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  1. PFPX Standard OFP Template enhanced

    This OFP template is basically the standard one, but with edits to suit my personal preferences.

    I thought I'd share it for those who want the same information but didn't want to edit files.

    The default PFPX template is good but there was 2 things I didn't like doing:
    1. Calculating the baggage weight for the Majestic Q400 load manager; and
    2. Having to use Active Sky to get some data required for Boeing FMC PERF INIT entry.
    I think the OFP should be the single source of truth from our fictional dispatch and didn't like that information missing.

    How to install:
    1. Copy PFPX+.txt into the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates\
    2. Select PFPX+ from the OFP dropdown list next time you create an OFP. It will remember your selection.

    Changes in this from the default PFPX OFP Template:
    -Added baggage to weights section for aircraft that need this in load manager (like the Majestic Q400)
    -Removed config from weights section (to fit baggage as most templates only have 1 config).
    -Wind component and temps now placed at bottom of OFP near the Climb, Descent, Cruise wind/temp information so that all wind is in the one place. Ensure you are ticking "wind information" when selecting the OFP from the dropdown or you won't get the climb/descent winds.
    -Added average wind direction and velocity (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page)
    -Added TOC OAT (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page).
    -Added average OAT.
    Note: ISA DEV is not added because the FMC calculates TOC ISA DEV from the TOC Temp.
    Note: Departure and Destination surface weather/winds are not included as they are already in the METAR output.



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