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    This OFP template is basically the standard one, but with edits to suit my personal preferences. I thought I'd share it for those who want the same information but didn't want to edit files. The default PFPX template is good but there was 2 things I didn't like doing: 1. Calculating the baggage weight for the Majestic Q400 load manager; and 2. Having to use Active Sky to get some data required for Boeing FMC PERF INIT entry. I think the OFP should be the single source of truth from our fictional dispatch and didn't like that information missing. How to install: 1. Copy PFPX+.txt into the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates\ 2. Select PFPX+ from the OFP dropdown list next time you create an OFP. It will remember your selection. Changes in this from the default PFPX OFP Template: -Added baggage to weights section for aircraft that need this in load manager (like the Majestic Q400) -Removed config from weights section (to fit baggage as most templates only have 1 config). -Wind component and temps now placed at bottom of OFP near the Climb, Descent, Cruise wind/temp information so that all wind is in the one place. Ensure you are ticking "wind information" when selecting the OFP from the dropdown or you won't get the climb/descent winds. -Added average wind direction and velocity (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page) -Added TOC OAT (for Boeing CDU Perf Init page). -Added average OAT. Note: ISA DEV is not added because the FMC calculates TOC ISA DEV from the TOC Temp. Note: Departure and Destination surface weather/winds are not included as they are already in the METAR output.
  2. Seems their link is broken, I have a copy. Put this text file in your aircraft types folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0nksroj9miv7gd3/airbus-a319-131-iae-v2522-a5.txt?dl=0
  3. Thanks, I had found some basic data for fuel flow in hold and cruise: http://www.satavirtual.org/fleet/A320PERFORMANCE.PDF Is it worth doing a partial profile? Or extrapolating between the CFM and that data to figure out the climb and other performance?
  4. Hi All, Anyone have an A320 or A321 profile for IAE engiens? The guys at Wizz air virtual have made one, and I enquired about getting a copy d but unfortunately it's for members only. If anyone else has found one floating around or creating one it would be great, we already have one for the A319, but it's the A320 & 321 that get flown the most. Thanks!
  5. Has anybody still got the DA20_check.htm kneeboard file you could link me or email me? The link is no longer there. many thanks
  6. Love it! Has to be in the top 10 island/pacific sceneries even now. Some screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/29331868/1/B55%20YLHI%20to%20YPMQ?h=ee11eb
  7. This is an awesome addon, but you will get best value reading the manual and trying the checklists. When you get it ready to fly manually and do the maintenance you will be very rewarded and the plane feels more yours
  8. Probably better to wait because the new remade twin otter is coming soon I think.
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