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  1. I owned the Seahawk / Jahawk Helicopter from Aerosoft. I really dont use it much, But recently I try using it and the helicopter when BONKERS !!! It is all out of control the flight dynamics are all of it flys like the tail rotor is missing. Absolutely out of control. I unistalled the helicopter and reinstalled it back and continued having the same problem. Not sure if it has something to do with other Add-ons, maybe !!! Can you help me ???
  2. No not yet , I was not aware of this forum just for the A320 Eurowings, thanks Ill give it a try, If you or any one can help with a website or place I can find repaints of this aircraft, Please let me know.
  3. Anyone any repaints.........Please Only have the repaints that came with the plane. Ive tried AVSIM and Simviation and others but no luck.
  4. :roll: Can someone tell where I can get a repaint of the Aerosoft A320 in JetBLue Colors, And any other repaints than the regular repaints the aircraft comes with, Thank You will gladly appreciated.
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