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  1. Thanks for the help guys, the easiest way of getting rid of it was to change the wing fold system settings from 4 to 0. this disables the push back but I can live with that. If I was to upgrade to the later version of the software would it still run ok with FS 2002? Infact I saw a copy of FS 2004 for £20 in a sale, would most of my 2002 software work with FS2004. Thanks again for the advice Pete
  2. Hi, First time posting on the Forum. Can you help, I've got Eurowings Pro, 1.1 running on Win XP. When I try to fly the BAe 146 there is a towing tug attached to the front wheel. I can't get rid of it! I've reloaded the whole package and nothing seems to work. It was working fine when I first got the program from new so I don't know why it has started to do this. Any help / advice would be be very welcome. Pete
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