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  1. Do You think about voice from FSX (ATC)?
  2. Yes, I agree too. Large scenery and my SSD disc with FSX has only 15gb free space...Still.
  3. Ok, Today I started to do the new repaint from New Zeland (ZK-PZM/N).
  4. Yes this problem still exists. Only good way -> download my textures for this US version. Pity than patch wasnt tested before. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NQT9DVSD
  5. Hi Zlin, strange with this textures. Looks like model from VC uses this textures but for smaller 3D model. VC + model and 3D outside model its differents objects. For me yes its a bug too, right... but not very important . Chears!
  6. + here must change FM model of Wilga (do backup of FM for sure!). Native Wilga cant carry glider, no power for this of model, after take off Model as towplane recived nice stall so use FM of Maule or different model (I hope after patch will be better with this too).
  7. Use Ctrl+Shift+Y for Tow plane (but needs to change the towplane).
  8. Your pray was answered ; ) . Thai Skin is Out. Direct Link: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=yoyosims+pzl+thai&CatID=fsxacrp
  9. Thank You Olivier, Today/tomorrow will be for download. I will put here info.
  10. So... repaint is finished. Thai flying club. Very dirty, big weathering & some of new textures inside VC. More about this Wilga: http://www.thaiflyin.../linkwilga.html In RL its a Wilga 80 with small changes with 35A (this model only covers for oil radiator) so looks near too same. Good idea to visit Thailand, now they have big problem with flood.
  11. Zlin, its a mirrored textures so be careful with text in this part.
  12. Nick, Thank You. Maybe one day I will see some of Your screenshots of this?
  13. Zlin, cant agree with this sentence. See real opinion of pilot of Wilga : "Flying the Wilga is a unique experience. The altimeter reads 3,000 feet per one revolution. The gauges read in mm Hg or Kpa or something else. The propeller feels like a huge windmill when it is pulling you, and a big brake when you throttle back. The flaps feel like the collective on a helicopter, and the wheels seem to float back and forth are you are getting airborne". According some of PZL company's tests Wilga has better results in low altitude than PC-6. Next thing try to start Beaver (example Aerosoft) and model of this PZL. Huge difference but in real life small (DHC for sure has bigger engine but the airplane is more heavy). I hope will be better in patch as promised Developer.
  14. Thx Octopus for infos about incoming patch. Dont rush with this and remember about betatesters . We we waiting patiently. If You have a time remember too about: - fire extinguisher in virtual cocpit (but with new file for texture of this, not on existed, will be better and simply) : ) - ski version : ) - this problem with fuel gauges - little tune up a horse power of engine - things above - if You want add new external cameras (You can use my settings for this from some of post). - plus one bug. Wilga for starter (magnetos) uses as model different script. Please do script for magnetos and starter like default aircraft. External panels works but no animation in Cocpit of PZL-104 (example: Saitek Switch panel) when I use it.
  15. Something for hotter temperature . New repaint on "the desk". wip.
  16. Yep but dont forget about one turist Wilga 80 in Thailand. She flies without doors permanently . Example PZL 104-35A with ski (SP-AGH) without collector (I did repaint of this).
  17. FM is very well done, but needs only small correction like 10% of HP and will be ok. Try to start with max takeoff weight on the distance 120m of model. Just a small correction.
  18. This video shows Wilga X and some of new skins: http://youtu.be/Z1f7S6RkZ2A?hd=1
  19. Here is link: http://youtu.be/Z1f7S6RkZ2A?hd=1
  20. Take deffault Cessna 172. Turn off all. Load Wilga, save a file. Now You have C&D. It works.
  21. Here is link for review: http://www.avsim.com...oft4/Wilga.html Very short text. I agree with underpowered engine still, but FPS are amazing, agree. Regards.
  22. The 3 packs is OUT ! In total its a 8 new skins. I hope You like it. Avsim: http://library.avsim...xacrp&Go=Search Today will too on FlightSim. Links for FlightSim: http://flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=160811 http://flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=160803 http://flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=160808
  23. No Olivier, its only request for Octopus G - developer of Wilga X . I hope he likes this idea for winther too.
  24. Each Wilga can carry skis in Winter (35, 35A and 80) so the best way it will be create something like " loadout manager " where You click on Ski opition and ski will be available on wheels but I think it is difficult to do (but possible fure sure like in Katana 4X - covers and many high level addons). Second idea, easy to do and faster for developer - only new model from current + wheels and animated up/down skis .
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