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  1. Crash during DIR TO.


    Jonas thank you very much for the fix. I generaly parked the plane since flying it on VATSIM was impossible without using DIR TO's! Done now 5 flights already with some DIR TO's and NO CRASH AT ALL!


    Vielen vielen Dank!

    Best wishes,


  2. I wanted to reply to your DLL fix for the Airbus in the forum, but I can't. So here: All I can say till now is that the flight that crashed just an hour ago now didn't. That does not mean much yet. But it is a good start. Thanks!



  3. Does bus and cable car simulator require the AeroSoft Launcher to activate/play?

  4. Hey guys, im back with a question: Could you provide us the FMGS.log? Jonas
  5. Hello, i am in contact with the developer. I will come back to you as soon as possible! Jonas
  6. Sorry, at this moment we dont intend to simulate emergencies!
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