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  1. Hi, might these sounds derive from the co-pilot/checklist feature?
  2. Hallo Hans, die Box enthält noch immer die erste veröffentlichte Version und aktualisiert sich dann auf die derzeit aktuellste Version, der Download lädt selbstverständlich sofort die aktuellste Version. Eine Zeitersparnis vermute ich dort nicht, allerdings sieht die Box sicherlich schick im Regal aus ;). Allerdings: Die DVD muss zum Start des Simulators eingelegt sein. Zu einer Umstellung auf Windows 11 kann ich leider nichts sagen.
  3. Hi @bigmack, the manual for this scenery can be found in the scenerys' folder inside the community folder. Do you use the steam or the Microsoft Store version of the simulator?
  4. Hallo Michael, "NGXu" war die Bezeichnung bei PMDG für deren Boeing 737 Reihe.
  5. Hi, I moved your topic to the correct section. Where did you install the updater and which exact issue do you encounter? Could you provide a screenshot?
  6. Hi Randy, do you receive any kind of error or does it simply not show, even after some time?
  7. Do you maybe use other sceneries, such as VECTOR? This really is not the default behavior, there has to be a scenery/file left somewhere...
  8. Hi, I've tried to reproduce that, however I had no "luck". I've forwarded this to the testers.
  9. Hallo Claus, kannst du in Aerosoft One unter "Einstellungen" die dort angezeigte Log-Datei kopieren und einem Ticket (ebenfalls in Aerosoft One verlinkt) angehängt an uns übersenden?
  10. Hi all, I've forwarded this to the testing team and will get back to you once I receive a reply
  11. Hi Jan, glad you already found a solution to your issue. I'm afraid we cannot support any third party modifications for the CRJ.
  12. Just to be sure, also in the path I mentioned? This was/is used to deliver changes to layering.
  13. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  14. Hallo Jürgen, dir wurde bereits in deinem anderen Beitrag geantwortet:
  15. Can you verify that Oslo is above all potentially conflicting addons? An additional check might be a file in the "scenery/world/scenery" from the Airports of Norway which might have some altitude corrections in there.
  16. Hallo Michael, derzeit ist mir ein solches Produkt nicht bekannt. Allerdings entwickelt PMDG an ihrer Version der NGXu und möchte diese noch binnen diesen Jahres veröffentlichen.
  17. Aerosoft Airport Komodo | MSFS DLC Developer: A-Flight Purchase here: Aerosoft Shop Aerosoft Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport (IATA: LBJ, ICAO: WATO), located in the north-western part of the Indonesian island Flores, was created utilising the latest technologies of the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. It includes a highly detailed airport with its modern terminal facilities and a surrounding autogen-style scenery for custom local-style buildings. It is just a short hop away from the islands of Bali and Lombok, two other popular holiday destinations in Indonesia. The airport has undergone several transformations during the past years, including the all-new modern terminal facilities and a new southern taxiway. The location and the approach offer a very scenic and beautiful setting hard to find in most other places of the world. Komodo is a growing tourist destination with new hotels and resorts popping up constantly. It is probably most famous for being the natural habitat of the world's largest lizard: the Komodo dragon. Features: Detailed airport area and buildings based on an aerial image from mid-2019 Detailed ground pavements/markings High-resolution PBR materials and textures Dynamic night-lighting Custom local-style surrounding buildings Animated passengers in the terminal Optimized for performance System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020) OS: Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher Processor: Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Video Memory: 4 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590 Memory: 16 GB Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account! More information about Aerosoft One can be found in the User Guide or in the FAQs.
  18. Hi, you could update the mentioned AIRAC data with one of our products: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-2004/tools-missions/1750/navdatapro-one-year-subscription-13-datasets. They are available in different variants.
  19. Hi, did you check your control settings in the simulator?
  20. Hi, please delete the mentioned path and the files mentioned in the [File] section.
  21. Hallo @Kepfle, leider kann ich dein Video nicht starten. Kannst du überprüfen, ob dieses korrekt eingebunden ist?
  22. Can you try this flight with an empty community folder and only using the CRJ?
  23. Hi, do you happen to have the reports generated in the event viewer of those two crashes?
  24. Hi, can you enable the auto updates as mentioned in this topic:
  25. Hi @Manducci, according to several topics in the P3D Forum at Lockheed Martin, this issue is not unknown. The solutions suggested in there vary from installing the access database up to repairing the office installation. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=140904
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