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  1. GREAT. Wow, it is working wonderfully now. Re-installing the certificate did indeed help solving the problem. Thank you very much indeed again
  2. Hey Björn, I am facing a major problem. I have installed SimCheck A300B4-200 SP2 after uninstalling the previous version which had worked perfectly. For some reason, I have the same Missing Tail problem http://forum.aerosof...9-missing-tail/, however anything that I had done hasn't worked. The problem is that BC_A300.GAU cannot be loaded for a Digital Signature Invalid issue. Please find related images which I took to describe the problem. I was trying doing all steps which you describe in the former related problem but nothing. I NEED HELP - PLEASE. Btw, I do not know what the SimConnect software is. I downloaded and was trying to configure what it was, however I am not sure if I downloaded the correct software but mostly what I needed to do with it a well. PLEASE HELP. Thank you very much.
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