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    I am trying to get the lantirn up and working in my FSX Steam. I have mapped the slew commands to the landing light and they work as expected The manual then says use "G1000 MFD cursor select" as the RIO target select function. looking at the control options-- buttons keys area of FS I don't see a selection named exactly that. I see a a "G1000 MFD CRSR (Activate)" when I use that input it does not select stabilize or .designate a target for the Lantirn as far as I can tell, nothing happens
  2. I decided to take a more scientific approach, since before I had been using RW weather and what ever temps that gave me with the resulting inconsistent results . I can confirm it is icing and given enough time the pitot heat does restore the ASI function, It just takes much longer than I have been used to in the past. Other aircraft may be the same but since there is no issue with turning the pitot heat on immediately after start I never ran into this before. in future I will not be quite as stingy with it's use on the ground. Thanks for your time, sorry to have troubled you WG
  3. I believe it may be icing but wouldn't turning on the pitot tube clear it up?
  4. I found that the SP-ASR version's airspeed indicator works fine. I would not be be surprised if the other flights I mentioned that worked were in this version so the issue is with the regular version. I notice the SP-ASR is better on other areas such as more accurate Idle RPM and so forth.
  5. For the last several flights I have had a non functioning airspeed indicator. I made sure I have removed the pitot tube cover, confirming in external view that it goes away. I have not turned on the pitot tube heat on the ground, and turning it on once airborne does not fix the airspeed indicator. I have had previous flights where it worked as expected so I can't figure out why it no longer works. every thing is marked good on the shift-2 condition page. It has continued to do this through a couple of simulator/ computer restarts I am using FSX steam
  6. I have tried installing just after I turned the computer on. Still no success. How can I further trouble shoot this? My old computer still has my old FSX on it. Is there a file or files I can just port over to this one? could it be some Windows 10 quirk I am missing?
  7. I have recently switched to a new computer and have reinstalled the F-14 While I have flown the Tomcat from land bases I notice that the F-14 missions were not installed. I ran the installer as admin, and as I say, the aircraft appears fine. I am now using FSX steam and windows 10. both which are new to me but I don't see how that could block just the flights. Any Ideas?
  8. William G

    View point

    The default view. which I strongly dislike is called the main panel glare shield view. To me that is a 2d view. What ever it is , I don't care for it. I remember from the first Airbus to the present one that has been the default view. I have changed it in the past so that at start up, and when I use the F9 Key to go back to the VC view, I am sitting in the left seat as would be normal VC view on any other aircraft. I have done it on this version as well as the first version. and that is what I am trying to do again after changing computers , I just can't remember how it is done. and I can't find a thread where it is answered. I appreciate your patience, since I know this is not a bug, just a preference. I am baffled that I can't find it anywhere via google since I know for a fact that it has been discussed in the past. Thanks, William
  9. William G

    View point

    What I mean is, I want to default to the 3d left seat view rather than what it ships with which is a middle view. I can get there with the menu but I want the 3d left seat to be default,, IE what I see when I return from an exterior view, without going to a menu to chose it over and over.
  10. William G

    View point

    How do you change the default view from the 2d looking thing to the left seat VC view?
  11. William G


    Changing to first data base worked, I have now idea how it got on second, no doubt some bone head move on my part Thanks for your patience, I appreciate it.
  12. William G


    I don't know what any of that means, I just want to use it as it shipped when it starts the screen says second nav database 1511
  13. William G


    I tried to enter the departure arrival airports and I get a notice that the arrival airport, KTPA is not in the database. and it asks for the lat long etc. Tampa International is a large airport and I find it hard to believe it would not be in the data base. Could you explain the whole data base thing?
  14. Will do. I know those engines are loud, the PMDG guys dug their heels in on this subject if I recall correctly but it is just not something I care to simulate. Too much "sound of freedom" and Led Zeppelin in my younger days
  15. I wouldn't mind the volume of the engine sound to be lowered some. I imagine it is because I use headphones but I have to lower the engine volume in the FS options menue when I fly this one or the PMDG J-41. Not a big deal but it would be more convenient. These aircraft with geared direct drive engines are tough on what remains of my hearing!
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