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  1. I will carry out further tests to achieve satisfactory results. It will take some time, however, as it runs on the principle of trial and error and the Flusi has to be reloaded after every change. Andreas
  2. Hello I would like to go into the problem of snow again. I have made two runway textures very dark as a test. These are not covered with snow as you can see. It is a technical problem of the MS2020. This is where Asobo comes in. For the time being, we at Stairport Sceneries can only offer to create a slightly darker texture pack, which can then be exchanged manually by everyone. Andreas
  3. This happens when the Airbus is loaded after a standard aircraft. Best regards Andreas
  4. The short cuts Shift+1 or 2 or 3 etc do not work. If I click with the mouse on FMC 1, FMC 3 opens. Best regards Andreas
  5. Is it possible to add a psd file to the paintkit? CRJPROF_VC_MAINPNL_A and possibly also one for the thumbnail? Best regards Andreas
  6. In the folder Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft CRJ Pro there is a folder Panel States. I can't find in any description how to create, save or load a Panel State. The goal is to load the CRJ in Cold & Dark mode and not with running engines. Best regards Andreas
  7. The AOM page 23 states that a Livery Manager is included. However, this is not installed. Please check. Best regards Andreas
  8. Hello, there is already an update´d paint kit with european SAT antenna for A320 Best regards Andreas
  9. Hello Guys, The paint kit of the A320 / A321 is not correct and is incomplete. Example: The antenna in the AS_A320_AFTSEC_C.psd is different than in the included Eurowings paint The psd file for the CFM turbine is not included The psd file AS_A320_PYLONCFM_C and AS_A320_PYLONCFM_S.dds is missing Best regards Andreas
  10. Hello Mats, I miss at the Paint the reflections. Best regards Andreas
  11. Wie mein Topic Titel schon verrät wollte ich mal nachfragen ob es in puncto Frankfurt-Hahn etwas neues in Sachen FS2004 gibt, denn imerhin hatte man diesen Flughafen auch für diese Flusiversion agekündigt? Oder ergeht es dieser Szenerie wie Toulouse? Erst angekündigt und dann doch nicht releast. Andreas
  12. Bei den Wilco E-Jets kommt bei der 190/195 bei der hinteren Cargo door ein Containerloader. Die Höhe der Ladeluke beträgt dort 0.60. Bei der 170/175 kommen die kleinen Fahrzeuge mit den Bändern. Das Verändern der Maße hat nichts gebracht. Daher gehe ich mal davon aus. daß es ein Bug ist. Andreas
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