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  1. That´s right! My post was meant as input how publisher / producer could improve their customer support in these times of very confused situations (FSX with SP1 vs. FSX with SP2, DX9 vs. DX10) and avoid angry customers. That´s all. Reading your statement brings me to following conclusion: I´ll buy Aerosoft products only if my system fits exactly the mentioned system requriments. Otherwise I can´t be sure that they work correct.
  2. Hi Christoph! Your Airfields look really good. If they´ll be FSX SP2 ready, I´ll buy them! Concerning your mentioned system requirements I can´t find any hint, that it won´t run with SP2 or Acceleration pack: Systemanforderungen: Microsoft Flight Simulator X mit Service Pack 1 Windows XP (SP2), Vista Pentium 2 GHz (empfohlen: DuoCore) 1024 MB RAM Grafikkarte mit 256 MB RAM Soundkarte Download-Größe: 192 MB Installations-Größe: 520 MB Normaly the system requriements are seen as minimum and featuring VISTA I really thougt they´re for SP2 too. Maybe you could change it or fill in
  3. thats true! But that one is even worse than the worst one I´ve seen at the TMA Twotters (the yellow / bue / white ones). My pic shows a rather old one. But sometimes I had the feeling that some of the caution lights will never get dark!
  4. YES! The Maldivian Twotters would be great! If nobody will do them I think I could give them a try. But I´m no specialist in repaints. OH and I have some pics of the TMA version. And here´s one of the cockpit:
  5. :shock: that looks great!! I like this bird! Can´t wait to fly the float version around the Maledives and the wheel version in Northern Germany or Canada! Keep up your great work! Thank you for these update pictures!
  6. Yeah! Really tough luck! But I could manage to have ten minutes right now and made a quick flight over HelgolandX: GREAT!!! I really love this bird!! And thank you for your offer for help! But I had really much luck and found my Aerosoft product backup CD inside the US-FS9 metal box! So I had really much luck! But now I´ve to hurry! I have to fly to LOWI tomorrow (VERY) early and there´s still a lot to do! Thank you again!
  7. Great news! Thank you!! I´ve been waiting for a good chopper for FSX!! I´m really looking forward to fly this bird! Only two things make me 1.) I´ll have NO time until Monday evening 2.) I´ve lost my Seahawk incl. serial with my last HDD crash last year. Great job guys!
  8. OH YESS!!!! I like this plane! I think I´ll have to upgrade my PC until this bird arrives. At the moment, FSX isn´t really fun to fly for me. Can´t wait to see some pictures of the float version.
  9. OH YES!!!! An Aerosoft Twotter!! Cool!! Can´t wait to get it! Even it takes two years to get it! Thank you!!
  10. Same here! I´ve been flying with them for several times now and it was really amazing everytime!
  11. Oh yes!! I´d like to see a Twotter in good quality for FSX too!!! Sorry for the bad quality but here are just two of my personal Twotter pics:
  12. Hi! Go to your FSXSimObjectsAirplaines folder, open the "Digital Aviation Katana DA-20-100" folder, open the "model.3" folder and have a look if there´s a "MM_DA20-100_2.mdl" file or just a "MM_DA20-100_2.mdl.bak" file. If you have the "MM_DA20-100_2.mdl.bak" file, rename it to "MM_DA20-100_2.mdl" and have a look if it works. For a friend of mine it worked! I´ve some other problems with the DA20X: Whenever I try to shut down the engine, I can´t switch off the red "Master" switch and when I load the default Cessna shut down, change to the Katana and start it, the GEN warning light is on a
  13. Boerries, YOU are flying HELICOPTERS???? :shock: Didn´t know that! Very interesting! Hope you have fun with the Jayhawk! Very nice package! Cheers Andi
  14. Hi Mathijs! The idea was, that if you´re flying on Multiplayer, one or even more Pilots are flying their Jayhawk and other pilots could "fly" the ships so that you can practise landings on a moving ships. It´s true that it´s rather the same than wind. So seems that it doesn´t make much sense and has been not more than an idea! Thanks for your thoughts! Best regards from Austria Andi
  15. Thank you for the quick response! I´ve been sure that I´ve overlooked something but couldn´t find the point! Cheers Andi
  16. Hi! I´ve just purchased the Coast Guard package as addition to my Seahawk and when I "flew" the Cutter, a question came up: Is it possible that someone is driving the Cutter in a Multiplayersession and another Pilot is flying the Jayhawk and landing on the cruising Cutter?? Or can you land on the cutter only as a static scenery object? Thank you and sorry if this question is mentioned anywhere and I missed it! Cheers Andi
  17. Hi! Thank you for this step!! That was really a very unexpected and unconventionel change. Although your system seemed to be the only really working one in the FS-scene, I´ve nearly always waited for the boxed versions. I´ve made some not really nice experiences with some of your competitors and I mistrusted this online-system in general. In my opinion the best piracy protection is a high quality product for an affordable price and a good support by the vendor. I´m Beta-testing software for a company which develops software in a rather high-price segment (one licence is essentially more
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