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  1. Hey there SAF.. no that was the first thing I tired (I use Photoshop CS2)... that completly removed all the shadings and details... but Photshop has a near vertical learning curve and i'm still on the bottom of it! Well guys... thank you both so much for your suggestion... I tried yours out Chris and and seems to have made the best results with the least loss of detail... I spend the last several hours slogging away at it and I have finally come up with a re-paint I like: This design is for a group (VA as it were) that I am a partner off in FSEconomy.
  2. Well that sort off works... However I am still left with a light grey base paint. The problem is that all the detailings are white! So by making the base paint white, all the details get lost.... even if the contrast was increased (which can only be used slightly as using too much creates yet another problem)..... I really would have been simpler if the paint-kit came with a white-base paint in the first place as it would be so much easier to change it to any other color...
  3. Mabey someone out there has done a paint kit for the Cub with a white base that they may be willing to share??? Please??
  4. Hi there, I have the paint-kit for the Super Cub but is there a way to change the base paint from the canary yellow to a plain white without loosing the details? It would have been a lot easier if the paint-kit was provided with a white base paint or more simply a separate layer for the details so that the base paint could be changed very easily. Thanks for any help on this!
  5. The initial screenshots look great! Has there been any updates on theis yet? Mabey some more screenshots?
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