We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. +1 for seeing in the future some fs9's screens... At the moment, looking at the fsx shoots, this scenery seems to be absolutely a must have. Compliments for the excellent work you are doing.
  2. Wow...what wonderful screens you are showing us!!! Even if I unfortunately think that the fs9 version will be less detailed than the fsx one... Another reason to imagine an upgrade to fsx..
  3. Wow...the shoots look great. You are doing a really good job! My compliments. Unfortunately being an fs9 user I didn't have the possibilty to fly the Corfù scenery (that seems to me a piece of art). I hope I can fly soon to/from Heraklion
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