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  1. Guten Abend. Ergänzend möchte ich hinzufügen, dass auf der Bodenmarkierung in Richtung "B6" von "Z3" kommend "B6", nicht "B5" stehen sollte.
  2. Good news guys! PFPX performance files for the B748 are up on "airlinerperformance.net". Did not test these yet but I've used many of their performance files in the past and always found them to be pretty much spot on. Regards.
    Did download the whole fleet. Magnificent paintwork and great detail, Antonio. Thank you.
    Wow, was not even aware this Airline existed. Real good paint job.
  3. Hi, my apologies for the late response. The jet blast deflector is located behind RWY18 in Frankfurt am Main. As for the Aerologic paint job, I'm not quiet sure on who painted the livery. It's the default one which can be dowloaded via "PMDG Operations Center". Cheers!
  4. I guess most users underestimate (or simply don't care) the amount of work you guys put into painting your liveries. All they seem to care about, is adding another one to their collection and preferably for free. It's a shame especially if people cease uploading their stuff because they feel their work just is not appreciated enough. Most of the time, it's your passion that keeps you guys going and I'm grateful for that! Btw, LOVE your Benyhone liverie John, as I have a soft spot for tartan-patterns. Mods, sorry for the offtopic. Getting back on track now:
  5. Yup, I agree about his Word tail liveries. Must be a real pain to make 'em this detailed, I reckon. But who am I talking to, hey! Have a good one and see you in a bit man.
  6. Excellent DetCord! Is this an improved version of the "Sterntaler" liverie John had uploaded in January 2015, or did you create this one from scratch?
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