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  1. Maybe (a big one) sometimes in the far future. But not now.
  2. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. As already mentioned, design by Airbus. But if you have a problem with that. The TCA has a setting/screw, with that you can disable the block.
  4. Hi there seems to be a bigger problem: PFD, FCU, Clock, RMPs,.... Please try a reinstall with latest installers and the mentioned dll. Before reinsalling, be sure, there are no remainig files from previous instal.
  5. Hi, best is to open tickets at aerosoft. If required they will forward it. But what is your problem you need to be fixed? Maybe the community in this forum can help.
  6. Maybe you can use our Thrustmaster TCA installguide. Instead assigning the TCA buttons you would assign the Throttletek buttons. Just an idea.
  7. Currently we work on the MSFS code. All improvements we do there, are planed to be backported to P3D. But now we do not work parallel on the P3D.
  8. Please, can you show us some screenshots?
  9. And FBW is also Java and not Wasm.
  10. You’re correct, it should be on the course. What was your flightplan incl. RWY/SID.
  11. It depends on the livery creator, where they upload. And yes, it’s sometimes/often outside the forum. The format of the files is also not often compatible with the livery manager. The uploader have to take care of it. So most times only manual install by hand is possible.
  12. There should be an airport.txt Please try the new installers released few minutes ago. And: https://www.google.de/search?q=unlink+documents+folder+from+onedrive
  13. Regarding the uninstall/install problem, please check this topic. Should be the same problem.
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