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  1. Masterhawk

    i'm sorry if i didn't say anything after your answer on my question about TCA Thrustmaster 

    perhaps was I in a wrong place 

    I have to say i was very disapointed by my purchase of this pack Thrustmaster and that I Cannot use it with my favorite airbuses Aerosoft 

    now i purchased also FSUIPC and to tell you the truth, I do not succeed in configuration of throttle axis and value in FSUIPC

    My best succes was only correct IDLE and Reverse but there was no acceleration thrust. Nothing moves in the ECAM and no detent

    I Have never used LUA scripts and I'm not expert with FSUIPC so if you or someone in the team can explain the correct method and give the right values

    I think it will be very usefull to a lot of peoples

    My software conf W10 FSX SE Airbus A320/321 (i guess version 131 ?)

    Thanks in advance and happy end of the year

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