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  1. Hello, I want to share some preview pics of my work from the last few weeks. It is still WIP and some things might change. You can expect it with one of the next updates. So let me start with the pics. The new FCU: The new RMP, XPDR and RUD TRIM: The new BAT (left new, right old): The new Clock: one of the latest for the FCU:
  2. masterhawk

    PFD showing no data

    Have you pressed IRS INIT at the IRS page on MCDU? Accessible via INIT A page.
  3. Alta is working fine for me. Almost everything is loaded via SODE. If you change the install folder and have black textures, you have to edit the texture.cfg of every simobject. Will Test ENTO and ENVY next few days.
  4. masterhawk

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    For me EDDF and EDDK are working fine. I have currently no idea what could cause the problem for you.
  5. Hi no problems in EDDK with Dyn light. Are you using any shader tool?
  6. masterhawk

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    Hi, EDDF should work. I haven’t tested the other. But most time it is a missing controller for the effect.
  7. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will check myself and forward it to our model dev.
  8. masterhawk

    Red X's Mega Airport Oslo

    And if you installed Oslo outside P3D in a external folder. You might need to register the Oslo simobjects manually.
  9. masterhawk

    Red X's Mega Airport Oslo

    You have to define in the configurator of Oslo the SODE folder.
  10. masterhawk

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    I locked this topic, because we have a new pinned topic for the managed speed issue. Please follow up there.
  11. You will need to run the harvester one time after every new aircraft installation. APC can then detect all aircrafts and supports them with jetway.
  12. masterhawk

    No buildings at Santorini X

    Have to check/test myself will take some time.
  13. masterhawk

    P3D Crash when loading a320 P3d v4.3

    So are you now flying without reallight and trueglass?
  14. masterhawk

    P3D v4.4 CTD when loading sim

    Hi can you post the complete event viewer content, please? What is the P3Dv4 install folder? What is the addon install folder? Have you tried to use default P3D settings (delete P3D cfg), if then the bus is loading? Have you tried to disable all other addons (incl. traffic), if it is then loading?
  15. masterhawk

    P3D Crash when loading a320 P3d v4.3

    Another try might be to install the airbus outside the sim root folder.
  16. masterhawk

    No buildings at Santorini X

    You can’t open the ACM directly. Read the manuals, user and developer. You have to run it with commandline for installation.
  17. masterhawk

    No buildings at Santorini X

    And you replaced this one? ...\FSX\Autogen\default.xml Currently I have no other idea. Sorry.
  18. masterhawk

    No buildings at Santorini X

    Try this one. Added santorini to your file: default.xml
  19. masterhawk

    Aerosoft Trondheim V2 - Texture missing

    After reading your two topics I think the problem is really UAC and the Installation into the default Programms folder. I suggest reinstall of all into a different folder like c:\p3d Before, you can try if it helps, if you set via right-click, properties, compatibility, check run as admin to all relevant exe files: P3D, asca, asn16, Sode, etc...
  20. masterhawk

    ENGM 1.13 P3D 4.4 No dynlights at arrival.

    Hi @gianluk81, you can test these files. Extract to [P3Dv4_root]\effects folder
  21. masterhawk

    Cabin Pressure

    Never seen that before. Does it happen again?
  22. masterhawk

    No buildings at Santorini X

    Here you go: I also added Mykonos, if you need it.
  23. masterhawk

    No buildings at Santorini X

    And if you use Orbx it will overwrite your autogen.cfg everytime you use ftxcentral. I had somewhere the Santorini cfg that can be used together with autogenmerger to be compatible with Orbx.
  24. masterhawk

    Detailed Example of VNAV Descent Issues

    should be there: ...\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\ASUpdater.exe
  25. Have you tried running the bat with admin rights? Rightclick run as Admin...