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  1. Hi, I have updated Zurich Airport v1.01 TO v1.02 and now AES don't work. Animated gates are not present. See thumbnail . All my other airports work with AES i have just the problem with Zurich. Thank for your help !
  2. Bonjour, j'ai une question concernant les réductions des produit flight1. Pourquoi certains produits comme par exemple ultimate traffic 2 ne sont pas disponible si on commande via la version française du site. Si je prends la version allemande ou US du site le produit est marqué alors comme disponible ? Dommage car suivant son pays on ne peut pas commander le produit ou il s'agit juste d'une erreur ? Nicolas.
  3. Hy, I have a question about AES 2.21 and mega airport Oslo. For this airport only, when i request the pushback, aes don't take me the option to turn on left or on right. I have this problem with all gates of this airport. With mega airport orly and munich i have no problem. For example, with the gate 15 you can see the position of my plane when the pushback with aes is completed. So it is a normal situation or not ? Thank you for your help.
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