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  1. Definitely not VOZ. I had that working for 2 months with no troubles. Only happened after the aerosoft german stadium install. Good idea on checking at night. I also am going to check to see if I change seasons if that will impact it. I think I am missing some kind of texture files. Not sure yet. Eric
  2. Guys, see the pic attached. I installed the Aerosoft German Stadiums last night and after configuration and load to the sim, I was getting a crash immediately when trying to go to the airplane at EDDM Munich. So, I deselected the German Stadiums from my scenery.cfg to see if the plane would load properly...Yes it would. However, I find that when I take off, I am missing trees and the autogen looks extremely basic. Flashes of white where trees should be...then nothing. So...figured I'd try default Seattle with the default airplane. Same problem. Somethings happened. I have no idea what or how to fix it. I did try the VOZ switcher and with Vista Australis, its all back to normal except of course everything is "vozified"...Aussie trees, landscape etc. In any case...anybody else having this trouble and anybody got a CLUE as to what I need to repair? Im assuming some autogen got removed or some trees bmps got killed off. Pic attached is of Seattle and gives you an impression of what Im dealing with. I can fly this way until I get up to about 1500 feet...after which the screen goes black and the sim crashes. Eric
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