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  1. Fly into a massive wind shear in normal law and your Airbus *WILL* stall. The tricky thing is, the moment you enter that huge wind shear, your airspeed information becomes invalid, the Airbus therefore switches into alternate law, so your crash won't be in normal law anymore.
  2. Plain customers or also customers who coincidentally happen to be beta testers for Aerosoft, for example? I faintly remember dialogues via a certain skype group ...
  3. How did the bugs get round testing?

  4. ... you may want to check those dll's too: Bryan York (himself!) tested the VAS impact of his FS2Crew NGX edition (no external exe; it's dll-based): It's some 170 MB in VAS. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/420220-so-how-much-virtual-memory-does-fs2crew-use-anyway/
  5. Someone mentioned the lighting in FTX-G as a possible, VAS-increasing factor? I'm puzzled 'cause I was trying to back up Otto's flight - but I have more VAS left with LGTS default than Otto has with LGTS lite II. Simply put, Thessaloniki X is (just ) for me ...
  6. AXE at LGTS in its factory state (no lite), all options enabled in the LGTS manager, real wx according to ASN gives me a max. of 3.2 GB VAS. I have not disabled any scenery layers (so even 0.4 GB more to spare), I do not use "global" addons - no FTX-G, no such night lighting etc. Instead I run Heli Traffic which injects extra helicopter traffic, on top of MT2010 (both sliders at 20%).
  7. Have you checked your VAS at the other airports (where you had departed from) and have you checked what happened to your VAS once you settled in cruise? I did two separate flights (FSX shut down and restarted in between), one from EGLL (ORBX and UK2000), the other one from LGTS: During both departures my VAS was "tight" (some 4.0 GB - I wanted it that way for testing purposes). Settling in cruise after departing EGLL my VAS usage reduced to 3.5 GB, after departure from LGTS it was "only" 3.2 GB. So my EGLL departure gave me an additional "VAS burden" of 0.3 GB which I probably would have carried with me into LGTS on arrival. (In other words: Thessaloniki X seems to "unload" VAS in a more efficient way than some other sceneries.) The LGTS efficiency has been mentioned before in this thread, but maybe less efficient departure sceneries contribute to your VAS findings here, when arriving LGTS? Have you checked your "VAS burden" you were carrying with you from your TOD, for example?)
  8. Thanks for retesting, Otto. Even though Bojote's tweaks are a bit outdated (geared at older graphics cards) they yield far better results as far as VAS usage is concerned? That's really odd ...
  9. What SCE does, it "almost" sets your scenery.cfg back to a vanilla FSX installation state: Hardly any more entries active than those from the "FSX base pack". And that's what Mathijs and Emilios have been referring to a couple of times: LGTS works just fine in its factory state with just "plain" FSX, realistic weather and a nice (or even a "heavy") addon aircraft active. And that's exactly what's so outstanding about this freeware SCE: Despite my nearly 600 scenery layers, I can still run the full-blown LGTS as if my FSX were in its "virgin" state - what it obviously isn't.
  10. Sorry, Otto, I cannot confirm your findings. Your setup (vs. mine): setting "Lite" (setting "default"!!!) default C172 (dto.) from rwy 16 with 2020 MB VAS left, flew a right hand circle at 1000ft and landed again on rwy 16 (dto.) with 950 MB VAS left. (1.600 MB VAS left) After every 90° turn VAS droped by approx. 200 MB. (400 MB for the complete traffic pattern) nearly vanilla fsx.cfg (see the no. of my scenery layers above. I still have 400 MB of additional free VAS to gain by disabling unnecessary scenery.) FSX settings (see my cfg file linked above) That's your 1.000 - 1.100 MB loss in VAS vs. my 400 MB VAS loss. You lose 1 GB in "lite" configuration, while I lose only 0.4 GB in "heavy"?
  11. How will the configurator be offered to customers of flightsimstore? Can they download from their FSS account? At least there doesn't seem to be an entry for LGTS X yet in the Aerosoft FAQ/Updates database.
  12. Not yet in there - but that should be a matter of ... hours only? Anyhoo, my safety margin (0.4 GB) stems from disabling other scenery areas - no "castratorv3.0" needed!
  13. Thank you, Sir, my bad! What I noticed after disabling "unnecessary" scenery were shorter loading times when firing up FSX, and even higher fps?!`Does that make sense, higher framerates when scenery that isn't even rendered in the first place, is deactivated??? Probably just a coincidence ...
  14. That's true: This tip of disabling scenery came up a couple of months before the release of PMDG's T7: Some guy on the AVSIM forums, who had installed masses of photoscenery, was facing OOMs over and over again. PMDG's Ryan helped him out just to discover that disabling all that PS brought back about 1 GB (yes: 1.000 MB!) of VAS to this guy. Those findings were discussed on AVSIM and have made it into the T7 introductory manual. I installed quite some PS in recent weeks (freeware Canary Islands, freeware NL-2000, a payware PS for the Balearic Islands; I also had had some MSE, VFR Germany, BSS and other PS before) so I gained those 400 MB. You'll probably need a huge installation of PS to reach between 0.4 and 1.0 GB. (I have 538 layers in my scenery library!) But flying into and out of London airspace, it will help for sure to disable all those Gary Summons airports you don't need (otherwise they will be loaded during those London SIDs and STARs and fill up your VAS as active scenery). The same is true for the N.Y. airspace and maybe some more (Hong Kong? Flying into YMEN, you may want to disable that huge ORBX YMML, perhaps?) Anyhoo, "just" 200 MB of additional free VAS can make all the difference when descending into one of those addon airports.
  15. Official site for SCE as per its manual: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor/
  16. Be assured I want it all! Just to second Kyle, I just grouped a vast no. of my library entries in Scenery Config Editor (SCE) and switched them all off there. (The ones I do not need for LGTS, of course!) Gave me another 0.4 GB of free VAS. Now think for yourselves: SCE is free. It's easy to use. You can build a group of scenery entries that can be switched on and off all together by a single mouse click. You can define different groups of scenery entries for different regions of the world. You can save a multitude of different scenery.cfg files that way, which results in different pre-configured scenery libraries for (all) your different flights - or at least for your most frequent ones. It can be used in a way similar to FTX Central (looks completely different, though) - but you can define your own regions and you can determine how many regions you would like to have. Customized FTX Central's for everyone, even outside FTX, even without being an ORBX customer, and for free!
  17. What should also be mentioned is that this scenery is still looking good in a "lite II" installation: So, for a nifty move, solely marketing-wise, just rename those configurations: lite II => "default" lite I => "advanced" default => "extreme" (Thank you very much, Gary Summons! ) BTW (I), GSX doesn't seem to have much of an effect on VAS. It could be some 50 MB, rough estimate from a quick check I've just done. (Sorry, Aerosoft, for a check on AES I would have to buy even more credits ... but its VAS impact probably is negligible, as well) BTW (II), for a VAS readout from FSUIPC you'll need the registered version. For users of the unregistered version, just download Process Explorer from Microsoft. It's a separate application that hardly uses any CPU cycles. VAS is called 'Virtual Size' there as you can see in Emilios' screenshots.
  18. Some slight confusion here: Download size is 1 GB (that's physical size - the amount of HDD space the download requires) Installation size is 1.5 GB (physical again - HDD space needed for running the installer) Neither figure tells you about the exact impact on VAS - but you are still correct, the sheer size of the LGTS installation implies something about 3D objects, polygons, textures, photorealistic ground imagery and other aspects. EDIT: Maybe that is what you wanted to emphasize?
  19. I haven't requested AES or GSX services in LGTS yet. But they definitely introduce additional "textured objects" (read: "increase VAS usage") - don't know, though, to what extent exactly? GSX runs as an external *.exe, while AES uses a dll within FSX, so AES will maybe have the higher impact (how much higher exactly???). The current weather can make a change, too. ASN can be configured to a higher no. of cloud layers than the default no. which will have an impact as well. The worst scenario, wx-wise, would probably be an overcast with good visibility on the ground? The amount of AI traffic, the total amount of photoscenery areas activated in the scenery.cfg, causes for different VAS readouts are nearly endless ...
  20. Maybe you're right and it should be mentioned in the product description/feature list. But I haven't seen that happening with DD's New York scenery, either. Nor with the PMDG T7. And they have received, or will receive, their VAS patches, as well. (The PMDG "VAS patch" - T7 performance manager - will take slightly longer than the FSDG "castrator", though! ) What's your suggestion for a developer doing a N.Y. airport (like KLGA or KJFK) or a London area airport that will finally tip the VAS scales with the multitude of addons we have already squeezed into those places? What would your warning sound like for those airports? Well, for LGTS we have pp. 8-11 of the manual. It's linked to the Aerosoft LGTS product page. And I even managed to fly the T7 out of and back into LGTS with ASN running. That was even with the factory state of LGTS. What else could I ask for?
  21. I was tempted to post this earlier ... now I do: While you can downgrade LGTS (and roll back the downgrade to the factory state via the configurator), there is no way to upgrade the factory states of other airport sceneries. In other words: LGTS gives you options at the highest end of visuals; options that simply cannot be provided by sceneries that are deliberately limited to smaller VAS footprints. But pls. don't get me wrong as far as addons like ENGM are concerned: It looks stunning, features a couple of innovations and I like it a lot. I'm sure we will see more sceneries like ENGM, as well as we will see more releases "à la maison FSDG". LGTS breaks new ground in terms of visuals and object placement, while ENGM pioneers into more operational features (like those "random NOTAMs"). Glad to see those differences in developers' handwriting. And glad to be free to pick what I like ... (or just grab them all! )
  22. Not sure about all the contributing factors, but: During those 15 mins AI aircraft flew into EGHI ("textured objects filling my VAS"), I opened panels (in 2D) and cycled through the 'A' views (in the VC) to operate those knobs and switches. Guess those additional textures added to my VAS usage. Yep, VAS-wise there's an advantage leaving DX9 behind. DX9 isn't really efficient in handling video memory, but 4GB will remain the VAS limit for the 32bit fsx.exe. You gain a couple of 100's MB in efficiency - no more, no less. (...) After all those many hours flying planes like the PMDG B777 into places like New York, London airspace and so on, posting and reading in forums ... these have been my findings so far: The VAS limit of 4 GB is a "hard" limit: You can't fill 1.5 litres into a 1.0 l bottle without spilling your stuff. 4 GB of VAS is a lot to fool around with: Nice scenery, good-looking flightdecks, deep aircraft systems and more - yes, it's all possible with this 8-year-old sim! You have to balance your stuff, and you have to manage your settings: a LOD radius of 5.5 or even 6.5 looks good in a screenshot, but it's not advised for flying high-end aircraft into heavy sceneries LGTS offers two ways to manage the "weight" of the scenery: The configurator ("castrator") and the manager. But you can still use native FSX tools like scenery settings, profile definitions and more. Your other addons may have an impact, too: What is the texture size of your addon clouds (no, 4.096 bit clouds do NOT look best!), how many cloud layers do you use, what are your settings in the NGX performance manager? There's no performance manager for the PMDG T7 yet, but what about your high-resolution VC checkbox in the native FSX settings? Aircraft systems become deeper and deeper, sceneries become more and more detailed. As Mathijs has stated, you can have it all, but it'll become more and more difficult to use all your addons, each one maxed out, all at the same time. And that's actually a good thing: You can fly a medium-weight (VAS-wise) scenery with a heavy-weight airliner. Or fly a lighter plane and crank up your scenery settings at the same time. Think of your brand-new LGTS like some fancy sports car: It's capable of 320 km/h, but there will be lots of situations when it's more sensible to adhere to a speed limit of 120 km/h. But then again there will be sections where you can drive 250 km/h and more. You have different sets of tyres (configurator/manager) and a gear box (graphics profiles). Now all it takes is a clever driver who knows how to put this equipment to its optimal use ... and that's YOU!!!
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