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  1. Hello, Our Review of Toulouse X is now available in French : http://www.avionic-online.com/index.php?Mnu=airporttoulouse_aerosoft For the English people, you can translate it using Google Enjoy !
  2. That is nice ! Will you port this idea to other instruments like the autopilot or withnot a GPS or FMS ?
  3. Hello, Does that Nice X will be added for AES ? I read here : http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=17397 (at the end) that Nice from Simwings will be never supported. I think you mean the old version but the new one will be supported on the next version ? Right ? Thanks
  4. Hi That should be great to show the Pushback all the time in a "parked" position (at 5/6 metres front of the plane). Then when we call it, it came to us. And then, why not work on a GPU systems ? All the best
  5. Ok thanks for the info and do you know when that will be available ? Because on the Website regarding the EDDP page for FSX, you don't tell that this feature isn't available for FSX ...
  6. Hi, Does it normal that I don't see the moving trains ? They are all statics on my PC and I don't ear any sounds... Any tips ? Thanks
  7. Why not to add Nice Scenery of France VFR ? (Riviera JetSet) http://www.francevfr.com/scenes.htm
  8. When AES will be compatible with FSX ?
  9. Hello I got a probleme with the Lukla scenery... sometime (often) the plane deep on the runway during landing !! Do you know why? Thanks!
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