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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. I have a similar problem with latest experimental. When clicking to expand the PFD whilst in cruise, the screen shows the departure but normal view shows aircraft following flight plan. Also noticed that if i show MFD data on the PFD and i then click on the PFD to expand it, it reverts to the departure route. hope that is a little clearer update.. I have just flown the same flight again in order to provide some pictures.This time it worked without incident.Perhaps my error
  2. I have a similar problem with latest experimental when clicking to expand the PFD the screen shows still the departure but normal view shows aircraft following flight plan also noticed that if i show MFD data on the PFD then click on the PFD to expand that also now shows departure map P4D v4.3 Thanks Steve
  3. Also had this problem with latest A321 while in cruise i managed to complete flight in manual speed mode just thought it was me
  4. I purchased the CRJ quite sometime ago but put it in the hanger because it was too much like hard work (unable to click a few buttons and watch it go) Over the last few days i have taken the time to read the manuals and build experience with the CRJ and i must say it is time well spent.I now cannot get enough of flying it Apart from the great flight model it must be one of the best looking aircraft in P3D .A big thank you to ALL involved Steve
  5. I see this in the notes regarding latest experimental... " CabinCrew: Serving sandwiches and drinks for flightcrew" sound file removed " Could you please confirm that i now need to bring along with me a packed lunch Steve
  6. No problem keep up the good work Thanks Steve
  7. Hi Choobe file version shows modified 28/9/2018 Hope that helps Thanks Steve
  8. Just for info I have my Airbuses set to default cold n dark start up and have no problem on Vatsim Steve
  9. Best go to here and add product https://support.aerosoft.com/pages/signup
  10. Looks like a problem with your Navdata have you installed a newer database than the one included ? If so it could be a problem with that
  11. Hi Choobe It may be me that is not understanding correctly but if i request ATIS from the FMC for dep i can print out the correct weather with the rcorrect QNH.If i press AIDS print button (below R radio stack) i get a full departure report but with the wrong QNH. Steve
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