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  1. Can someone make a repaint of Air2000 A320 G-OOAT please? https://images.app.goo.gl/X4o4KNS9J7YvCkwn8
  2. Hi everyone, Love the product, thank you for all your hard work on it! Can someone give me a breakdown of all the different model files across the A320 family please? Some are self explanatory, but for example in the A319 IAE there are: GDBCF PL2WIN PL2WINSAT A319_VC A319_EXT Thanks for your help.
  3. Same problem for me, perhaps caused from the latest update? Luckily I had the ASC_PF_OnAuto.wav file from a previous installation so I could copy it over. If you don't, perhaps copy the ASC_PF_On.wav and rename it to ASC_PF_OnAuto to trick the system into using it instead. My understanding is then the checklist callout will just be "on" instead of "on AUTO" but at least it stops P3D from crashing!
  4. Hi, I load up P3dv4 and all textures showing, taxi out and during taxi the following appears. Can you help please? Thanks
  5. The shots look great, very exciting! I'm very familiar with Heathrow too, so if you'd like me to test it out and check you havent missed anything etc I'd be more than happy to help you all out to create such a great product! Lee, check your BAV inbox! Henry
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