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  1. Hi fulano, I know that Feelthere is working on a tower simulator that matches your requests( and the requests of many other simmers I suppose...) but anyway. They've posted a couple of screenshots of this under construction project on their forum!!!! I hope Aerosoft dont mind me posting this topic, if goes against the rules, my apologies and feel free to delete this post... The link for the screenshots and a bit more detail about this tower simulator as follows Regards
  2. hi maths, is there any plans to build an AES version of Aerosofts Faro airport?????? I Wuold like to see that happenning, and on the next basepack, will the terminal error in frankfurt be corrected??? I've tried everything and cant seem to make it show up !!!!!! Great Product... it had to be aerosoft P.S. - Any news on Lisbon by M Kopatz yet??
  3. hi guys, after downloading the file and follow the step by step instructions, Ive found out that the terminal its still missing and the only way of geeting it to display back to normal its to deactivate the airport on the aes, I think I'll have to wait untill the next base pack comes out and go on from ther, what is a shame, I just love to fly to EDDF.... Hope to see the M. Kopatz future Lisbon Scenery integrated with AES
  4. sorry, but where can i get this attatched file, i cant find it anywhere in here????
  5. HOLGER, what a mate you are, you are right on the money, thats exactly what I was looking for, eventough LPMA is not part of any of them files I've sent an email to Jim Vile and Ray Smith, persons that have done them files to see if I gettem working at LPMA Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello, my fellow airsimers, as Im waiting for quite a long time of the release of scenery Lisbon, I have come across something else in my FS9. After going trough a couple of forums I have realised that many persons are asking about it..... As anyone know how to get AI traffic flying a especific Approach leg created by you????? I'll explain: Wonderfull Madeira Scenery by PTSim (Aerosoft) - Beautifull scenery - Wonderfull Approach -AI Traffic.... Boring line up 9nm way with rwy 5 instead of circle to land, like its done in real life, is there anyway of getting the AI Circling to Land, I know its possible with the BGL Compiler that can be obtained from Microsoft, but for ME, that and chinese its the same thing........... Any help would be aprecciated.............. Thanks
  7. iam refering to fs9, i dont think that it is realistic to do sid's and star's and change transition at 18000ft in european procedures. any one knows how to alter the altitude transition in the FS9????
  8. ok maths, but is there any way of getting it set to the standard european transition procedures eg: 5000, 6000 ft??????
  9. i have tried everything, even going line by line in the cfg to see any entry about it, but couldnt find it!!!! Any one knows on how to modify the default altimeter standard altitude from 18000 ft to another value??????? Please, let me know. Thanks
  10. My Congratulations to Mr . Kopatz, just a couple of things that I would like to know?!?!? Obviously, the FSX version its going to be completly diferent from the FS9 version, but i would like to know if the fs9 version of this scenery is going to have dynamic traffic on the aprons eg: Mega LOWW and EDDF style, i am tlaking about, what about traffic in the CRIL motorway and on the 2nd circular, both very busy at rush hour times and just by the end of both runways, 03 and 21, that would be amazing!!!!! If we could have a Mega Version of Lisbon.... problably one more dream to come true, but not impossible!!!! Looking foward to listen from you Carlos
  11. Hello, it's me again trying to get out of you " Aerosoft" more information about the lisbon scenery thats itrs being made by M Kopatz, any chance for somo more detailed information and some screen shots. Awaiting for a reply Thank you
  12. I'll be going down to cascais as well, hope to c the scenery down there then... Hope that LPPT will have a Mega Airport factor on it, traffic in and outside the airport with dynamic gates and all tha a mega airport could have, even thou lisbon is not classed as one!!!! Thanks for the reply anyway mat c u in lisbon
  13. Hi, a few months ago I read in this forum that Lisbon airport (LPPT) was being developed by Michael Kopatz , my question is! With the FS X Comming soon his he still going ahead with that project or has he got a new project in mind and scrapp lisbon out of his sight???? I loved his airports, if anyone has got any information how's the outcome of the scenery so far PLEASE let me know, Im desperate to get my hands on a High Quality Aerosoft Lisbon Airport ... Release date or some shots if avaiable... please, please, please, please
  14. i was also going trough the same problem, tought my 10 year old sun was messing arround on my pc, feel much better now obs; still not working, just tried again and the same error message comes up.....
  15. works great, thanks for the tips, one more wish come true Thank you
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