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  1. Ahhh, got it. I was looking at my Orders not Instant Downloads. Thanks.
  2. Recently purchased the DC-8 but I can't find a registration key anywhere in the email I got back. I have an Order Number but no key. Jason
  3. The scenery wasn't showing up in FSX. I added the two folders with Mega Airport CDG SC having higher priority than Mega Airport CDG GROUND. Just wondering why the installer wouldn't do this automatically. Seems to load now although in some places, my plane is kicking up dirt when I am taxiways (FSX thinks it is grass/dirt??)
  4. Hi there, Just bought Paris CDG and installed it and loaded FSX and noticed there are no scenery library entries. Is there supposed to be? If so, what are they ( I see two folders under the aerosoft directory in my FSX directory, Mega Airport Paris CDG GROUND and Mega Airport Paris CDG SC). Thanks, Jason
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