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  1. Hi Michael, I've looked for landable cutters but haven't found one, if you're kind enough to point me to them, I'd appreciate it. I, too, enjoy the Seahawk/Jayhawk but the new expansion doesn't make financial sense for me. I'd still recommend these helis ($20 version for sure), as I have on numerous times on Avsim. Pat
  2. Jayhawk is a stand alone for new users--I envy them. For me, I already have the Jayhawk with the exact same FD and cockpit that came with the Seahawk for $38. Too bad, I should've waited 2 months before buying. Pat
  3. Hi, I paid $38 for the Seahawk (I just saw this price is now lower) and now I have to pay an additional $19 to get the Jayhawk updated? I've purchased through Simmarket so my copy is registered, isn't there a better way to keep an old customer happy while expanding the base for Jayhawk users with the $19 entry fee? $57 is rather steep, considering PMDG744 sets the standard for high fidelity FS addons. Thanks, Pat
  4. Shaun, AP tracks the course better if the winds are turned off (I use ASv6), tracks well for the most part, except needed to once use the anti-torque pedals to repoint the nose in the right direction when it lost its way. Another thing is that when the joysticks are turned off in FS9, the tracking gets much better. Is joystick noise filtered out while AP is running? Also noticed that running at 2x/4x sim speed, the model yaws a lot. Are there any plans to update the flight model? Thanks, Pat
  5. Hi, The helicopter doesn't consistently follow the flight plan, sometimes it wonders away from the required heading and it's usually not possible to get back on track. -realism settings are set per instructions (~70%) -no control inputs made (expand null zone to prevent joystick noise) Is there a restriction on altitude, winds, track distance, etc. that I need to be aware of? Aside from this annoying tendency not to fly on course, the Seahawk is a nice aircraft to fly. Thanks, Pat
  6. Shaun, Thanks. Figured the contact points were off. The wheels are now well behaved. Is this a global aircraft.cfg file problem or just my own problem? This is a pretty bird. Pat
  7. Hi, Just bought the seahawk. I see the real wheel floating in the air (idle or engine off) as shown in the pic. When the aircraft is initially loaded, the wheel makes contact, but whenever the attitude changes after applying thrust, the rear wheel stays floating on the ground. Happens in default scenery everywhere. Patch 1.15 applied. What can I do to fix this? Thanks, Pat
  8. I just got the Seahawk yesterday. Noticed that the strobes weren't strobes, looked bad compared to the rest of the product. Anyhow, you can edit the aircraft.cfg like this to make the strobes flash like other airplanes: light.0 = 3, 6.60, -4.58, -0.65, fx_navred , light.1 = 3, 6.60, 4.58, -0.65, fx_navgre , light.2 = 4, -2.00, 0.00, 2.40, fx_SHlight , light.3 = 4, 0.50, 0.00, 2.40, fx_SHlight , light.4 = 5, 11.7, 1.4, -0.75, fx_landing , light.5 = 5, 11.7, -1.4, -0.75, fx_landing , light.6 = 4, 9.60, 0.0, 2.65, fx_SHlight , light.7 = 1, -31.55, 0.0, 10.1, fx_beacon , light.8 = 1, -15.0, 0.0, -1, fx_beacon , light.9 = 2, -31.55, 0.0, 10.1, fx_strobe , light.10 = 2, -15.0, 0.0, -1, fx_strobe , The only problem is the default cheezy blinking white/red dots still blink over the newly added beacon/strobes. Is there a texture file for the default blinking colors? Perhaps repainting them white or erasing the alpha will make them disappear. Thanks, Pat
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