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  1. will a new lukla come with the new twin otter mathijs?
  2. Mathijs can we get a idea of whats next after the twin otter extended? that would be great and i think that would help get us back on topic. thanks chad hittenberger
  3. what booth are you guys in mathijs. be looking for you!
  4. mathijs it would be nice to see aerosoft at airventure 2013 in august. it would be nice to talk face to face with you and the team. thx! chad hittenberger
  5. Is a true 3d brick and mortar airport possible in fsx. What i mean by that is can you actually build the airports to real tolerances like you would have to to pass a real government safety inspection. Yes i mean everything down to actual dust on the taxiways and runways and 3d concrete blocks 4 feet thick. The gore areas in between the taxiways and the runways dip and hold water when it rains. I believe it is possible. mathija can it be done? chad hittenberger
  6. if esp is developed into a civil flight sim could yu please not make it into a game but into a true pc level d flight sim. chad hittenberger
  7. how long ago where the real life picks taken for this airport
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