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  1. Any new info on this prodject? Chadhittenberger
  2. mathijs is there any news abaut this project? chad
  3. the thing i note about radials is they do not bern fuel very efficiently and vibrate a hole lot will this be simulated correctly. chad
  4. what i meant was like will we see actually spinning radial engines. are there any unique things about this aircraft systems wise that we have not seen before in fsx . not has this aircraft ever been simulated befor. chad hittenberger
  5. whats new on this aircraft thats never been done for flight sim. chadhittenberger
  6. how is this coming along MR J.Schweigler. do you have a time line as to when you will start on this aircraft again? chad hittenberger.
  7. whats new on this mathjis ? chadhitteberger
  8. MR J.Schweigler is there any thing new on this projects development it has been a year and a half since any development shots have ben shown is there any new ones to show us since the glider is done please show us some shots from this aircraft. chad
  9. Ok Mathijs how is the ju 52 coming along? chad
  10. ok mathijs how is the ju 52 comming along? chad
  11. whats going on with this project? please give us an up date chad
  12. is the developer back in action yet Mathijs ?
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