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  1. You can adjust the refresh rate of the instruments, so you have some flexibility. I actually did not notice any fps issues..
  2. OK, not sure if this is going to help any, but I just flew the Airbus into KSFO and landed by hand and had no trouble controlling the airplane. First of all, I dumped a bunch of fuel, 0% in center tank, 40% in the wing tanks. Then I dumped most of the economy passengers, just to get a lighter airplane to practice with. Took off from KSFO, runway heading set, speed set to 250, altitude set to 3000 ft. Pushed AP after takeoff. Set the ILS frequency on the FMS. Flew out for 15 miles and turned the aircraft around, using the heading knob. Reduced speed to 180 and selected flaps 1. Pushed LOC and waited for the localiser to capture, then pushed APPR. Reduced speed to 160 and flaps 2. Watched the AP settle on the glideslope and turned off the AP at 1000 feet. Gently steered the plane down to the runway and closed the throttle and hit the spoilers. No problem holding the plane at 40 feet to bleed off speed and lots of runway to brake to a standstill. Smooth as anything.. Not sure why this worked, maybe I have not yet discovered the "problem", but try to duplicate this flight and see if it works for you!
  3. Just a question, rather than re-installing V1.20, is the GPSModule.dll dated Sep/2/2010 still the latest or do I have a backlevel module? WinXP
  4. I have not seen anyone mention this... but look as I may, I cannot locate the Load Manager WinXP32
  5. Just watch the PFD as you move the throttle. It will change from TOGA or FLEX to CLB etc. No need to look at the pedestal
  6. I think it may have to do with how far back you pull the throttle lever after take-off. If you start in the FLEX position and when established on climb, slowly pull back on the throttle, the first position you come to is CLB, the next one (I believe) is LVR.
  7. OK, second time through the tutorial... This time the FMS preloaded the Cruise Altitude... not sure why, but I like it better.. To Jeroen: The PFD indicators show as follows in cruise.. Little point: the FMS flight plan page shows the target altitude as FL300, not FL310 - do not know why (bug?).
  8. I'm not sure I was able to follow every step exactly, but I sure tried.. Step 23 The Cruise flight level was not automatically inserted from the FSX flightplan, so I entered it by hand Step 111 The FMA data changed to THR CLB, ALT CRZ, and NAV (not SPEED) Step 119 How do I know when I reach the Top of Descent point? Do I look for decreasing altitude values on the FLT Plan page? Step 119 The instructions say "draw" the ALT knob (which I assume means "pull"), but the checklist says: INITIATE=PUSH I stumbled through it, the autopilot went crazy at about 3000 feet, I disconnected it and manually landed the plane. If anyone can help me with the above items, I would appreciate it!
  9. Better way is to leave FSX controls alone, so that all other airplanes are unaffected.. Instead open up the aircraft.cfg file(s) for the AirbusX and remove all lines that define Hotkeys!
  10. Got this fix in the Avsim FSX forum: You have to remove all Hotkey definition lines in the aircraft.cfg file (in all four variants). And yes, it works!
  11. I'm having difficulties with this also. I have a joystick button assigned to Locked Spotview, which is F11 in FSX. I can re-assign F11 in the FSX Controls menu, but whenever I push the joystick button I still get the Pedestal View. Not sure how to proceed..
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