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  1. I just bought Milan Malpensa, started the install and read the notification that SODE v1.4 would be installed and would render earlier SODE versions non-functional. That was immediately followed by an option to install the airport with control-j jetways or SODE jetways. This may be a dumb question, but I want to be careful here before I install: If I select the control-j jetway option (which I frankly prefer anyway) will that prevent my having any SODE compatibility issues? Thanks for your help!
  2. I bought the Barcelona Mega Airport download yesterday and when I did the install it informed me that I had a version of the Launcher already installed and that the Barcelona airport required an earlier version (I recalled having this same issue come up a few months ago when I purchased and installed the Zurich airport). So I uninstalled the Launcher I had and went ahead with the Barcelona installation, which installed THAT Launcher at the end of the process. And the Barcelona airport installed and functioned fine. However, a message in my AES program then informed me that both Zurich and Stuttgart airports were now de-activated. So I opened both of those in the FSX program and, surely enough, there were problems: the painted lines indicating parking positions at Zurich were WAY out of position, airplanes were imbedded in the terminal, etc. At Stuttgart, the painted parking positions were out of position and the jetways were missing. So I uninstalled/reinstalled Zurich ... no help. So I AGAIN did exchanged Launcher versions. Now the Zurich airport doesn't even show up when I start it in FSX - I get the default, even though the Scenery Library indicates that Zurich is installed and active. Also, Zurich and Stuttgart have disappeared off my roster of airports in AES. (I wonder if I am going to be expected to apply credits to restore them when I get this mess sorted out???) Also, AES is telling me now that Barcelona is not active. The Launcher version I have now is I'm not even sure what these Launchers are for, or what they do. They don't seem to be required for every Aerosoft airport i purchase. My experience with them is that they are a massive headache. I wish you would do away with them, or at least include clearer instructions with the install that would allow your customer to avoid conflicts such as this. I have purchased many Aerosoft sceneries and enjoy them very much. Unfortunately, right now, I am a very unhappy customer. If you can sort through the problem and help me, I would appreciate it very much. I hope my description is not too vague or confusing and that you can make sense of it. I am pretty confused by the problem at this point myself.
  3. Thank you for the response. I went into MyTraffic Scenery folder and removed BR2_EDDT.bgl and BR2_EDDH.bgl, but the problem remains - planes still embedded in terminals or otherwise mispositioned. Were the files I mentioned the ones that needed to be removed? Or do I need to do something else?
  4. I am running My Traffic 2010 and it functions well at most airports. However, at Hamburg and Tegel, many of the planes are well out of position parked at the gates - either partially embedded in the terminal or parked some distance out from the gate. Even when I set up a flight at one of these airports, the plane I am flying is embedded in the terminal building as I begin the FSX program, so it doesn't appear to be a My Traffic problem. I have not been able to find any mention of this or similar problem in the My Traffic documentation. I seem to recall having read of this problem, perhaps on a forum somewhere. I am also running VFR Germany, and I tried uninstalling it to see if that eliminated the problem but it did not - planes were still out of position. I'm at a loss, I hope you can help. Thanks!
  5. I just purchased and downloaded Mega Airport Zurich for FSX, and before the installation was complete I received a message saying that the scenery uses a previous version of the launcher and that I must uninstall my current version (1.01.000) before I can install that previous version. I proceeded with that, but as I was about to uninstall, a message appeared that warned me that uninstalling my current launcher version could cause other sceneries not function properly. I have several other Aerosoft airport sceneries and obviously don't want to create problems for those. What should I do to get the Zurich aiport installed? ... Thanks for your help!
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