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  1. The seqence works fine with this fix. Thanks very much for this very fast first class service.
  2. At Dock E67, A380 dedicated gate at "FSDT Züich" the Jetway arms sequence is inverted. So you get crossed arms, ( see picture). The A80 is correctly Can you have a look and make a Fix for this, please!
  3. I downloaded your Ai and flyable Airship Zeppelin which are very good. The idea is to make a small Ai_traffic with your Ai_Airship Zeppelin . For this you need a small airport(place) inside Aerosoft-EDNY, just next to the static Airship place, which I created without difficulty. Than you need a small FlightPlan for your Airship, which you can find on Flightsim.com under "Blimp " for similar situation and other airport. A the end you compile a traffic.bgl file. Till now my Flightplan is not working.?(bis jetz kein Erfolg!)
  4. Many thans for the link, no problem with the German language, but I need to make a appropriated Flightplan for EDNY.?
  5. Thanks for the answer, but it is not what I see on the launcher screenshot !
  6. May be a stupid question,: At what time and season the Blimp is flying? (FS9 version). I choose different season and time and the airship is everytime on the ground, (All lite Traffic activated & AES on FULL). I could not find anything about in the manual Thanks for an answer.
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