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  1. You mean higher than GAP 1 Vol 2 rather than MAF. Thank you!
  2. Hi people, Sorry for the question about somewhat antiquated scenery... I'm sure this was mentioned before, but I can't find the thread for the life of me. I have German Landmarks and GAP EDDS installed in FS9. There is a duplicate TV tower on the hill south of the airport and duplicate smokestacks to the east. I would like to deactivate the objects from the GAP scenery. Which file controls this? Thanks in advance. Misha
  3. If you had read what I had written, you would have noticed that I said that my KORD installation had already been updated. I just re-ran the KORD update to fix my problem. You quite possibly have a duplicate AFCAD for KORD installed somewhere.
  4. Solved the problem myself. On a hunch, I re-installed the KORD update. Now everything is fine. Not sure what made AES think that I hadn't updated the scenery, since I already had, but hey. It works now.
  5. New Problem. On final approach to KORD I get the message "Scenery Protection Active. AES Deactivated!" I tried reinstalling the latest version of AES to no avail. KORD is active in the scenery library and shows up as registered under the Addon Manager menu. It also shows as active in the AES airport activation window. Thanks in advance. Misha
  6. Hi guys, I had to reinstall CYYZ. Now I have double gates, static and AES. What do I do? Run the AES installer again? Thanks in advance. Misha
  7. That's a completely different situation. The taxiway bridges at KORD in real life are completely level with the neighboring taxiways and aprons. There is no slope involved. The highway and the people mover make a dip to go under the taxiway bridge and then go back up to terminal level. I know because I got ticketed for speeding when my car briefly accelerated well above the speed limit wihile going through that dip under the taxiway bridges at KORD! Beware of the traffic cops at KORD. They are very bored and in a very foul mood.
  8. Shaun, I've tried that, too. It's not working. It's not accepting any of them.
  9. That's precisely the installer that isn't working for me.
  10. Hi there, I just discovered that the current version of EDDV is 3.02 and that I still have 3.0 installed. I went to Simmarket (where I purchased the scenery) and downloaded the new installer. But when I run it, it refuses to accept the install code. Granted, I have changed emails associated with my simmarket acount since I purchased this scenery, but it accepts none of my old or current emails as vallid. What can I do? Thanks in advance. Misha
  11. Umbenennen hat denselben Effekt. Die Tree-Lib Dateien haben mit den Autos im Wald garantiert nichts zu tun. Mit dem Umbenennen handelst du dir nur Probleme bei anderen Szenerien ein. Die Autos im Wald liegen an irgendeinem Konflikt mit einer Landclass Datei. Dass muss nicht UT Europe sein. Es kann auch sonstwo irgendeine Gewrmany Landclass von einem anderen Addon, Freeware oder Payware, installiert worden sein.
  12. Danke. Dann warte ich mal auf 'nen Patch und ignoriere den Verkehr in der Zwischenzeit. Fliege sowieso meistens die 25 an.
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