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  1. I'm seeing that there are a lot of addons requiring Windows XP to work properly. I'm still using Windows 2000. Seems an upgrade to Windows XP is cheaper than a new Win XP OS. Would this "upgrade" be just as good for use with the new payware coming out requiring it. Thanks for any input. Has anyone taken this route? Curtis
  2. Could someone please tell me about the CD player in their Beech 18? I've tried the above recommendations. I appreciate all the input. All the buttons will depress on the CD players face, except when you depress the directory button all freezes. I have to "Esc" to get out, then I get an error message. When you select the stop/play button does the face light up on the player? Also when you select the stop/play button are the sample MP3 files suppose to play or do you still have to use the directory button to load them? Could someone also show me their CD player cfg. file contents, so I can compare with mine. This is a great aircraft as usual from Aerosoft and I just purchased the Lukla scenery to try with it. What a challenge! Just wish I could get all features up on my B18. I've been working on this all week and today I need to get out and mow my yard here in south Texas before my wife grounds me or clips my wings. Anything would be greatly appreciated on any of the above; esp. how the CD player is supposed to work. Have a great day all, Curtis
  3. Thanks so much Mathijs, your instructions are very clear. Thanks for taking the time. When I get a chance I'll follow your recommendations step by step. I'll let you know the outcome. Thanks again for excellent support, Curtis
  4. Mathijs, thanks for the time you are taking to help me work through this problem I'm having. What is the ".net stuff" you're refering to? Un-install and re-install? Thanks, Curtis
  5. Mathijs, No joy. I went into the FS9 main folder and under Aerosoft, Beech 18, deleted the CD player cfg. file: [fs2004maindir]/aerosoft/beech18/mp3Player.cfg file. The original file only had a column of numbers in it. After deleting the file and trying the player everything froze again. When I went back to the Aerosoft folder another cfg. had been created on its own with nothing in it. I guess I'm deleting it correctly, but something is wanting to re-create another file. ??? Curtis
  6. Puppy, Thanks for your input. I do feel better about the update. Curtis
  7. Thanks again for a rapid reply Mathijs, I think I'll give it a try after I get my Beech 18 CD player issue resolved (in another post). Curtis
  8. I've been looking at the Lukla scenery and thinking of purchasing it. However it requires the 9.1 update to FS9. I've never installed this update because of problems I've read others were having with it. Could I get some comments on the update and is it for sure a Lukla requirement? Thank You, Curtis
  9. Thanks Mathijs for your help. I've studied the Inflight Entertainment section, and tried the recommendations for the CD player. The aircraft and flight loads with no problem. I can fly all I want. All systems work great. Then when I go to the CD player and try to turn it on or select a music file, everthing freezes except aircraft sound. The only way to get out is by the "Esc" key, then end flight. I get an error message, then the sim restarts. Could this be a cfg. problem somewhere? Any direction would be great. Curtis
  10. Has anyone had any problems with the CD player using Windows 2000? Thanks again for any help. I've used the AM/FM CD player in the past by R.L. Clark; seems this player would work pretty much the same. Curtis
  11. Hi Paul, I installed NET 2.0. Would that be OK? Also following the manual, it refers to removing the player cfg. file. I'm alittle confused. Thanks for any more help. Curtis
  12. I purchased the new Beech 18 recently and really like it. All is working fine, except the CD player. Has anyone else had this same problem? I really like the feature and would like to use it. I,m running Windows 2000. Thanks for any help at all. I have read the manual. Curtis
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