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  1. Hi, Have tried new update, dosnt seem to work.no rto and no autobrake on landing, The left and right brake boxes work for (Hand brake)but nothing shows in those boxes when using brake pedals,rto, or landing. Have ticked box PFC rudder. Regards Richard
  2. Ok will try this in morning and let you know. thanks Richard.
  3. Hi Thomas, No i have just used the mini panel.
  4. Hi Thomas, I have tried calibration of brakes it dosnt seem to make any difference,and dont see any brake info. Youre softwere works well and i appriciate the difference it makes to braking, iwill do some investgation with pfc and see if i can find out why brake pedals wont disarm auto brake, Thanks for your help. Regards, Richard Druce
  5. Hi Thomas, Thanks for speedy reply (1)Ok so if idont start tsr auto brake fs own auto brake should work? which it dosnt it disarms on landing,so i must have some problem elsewere on my system. (2) Yes i use the pfc interface by Pete Dowson (pfc Driver). Regards, Richard Druce.
  6. Hi Shaun, First I see this product has been removed (should i be concerned?). My reason for posting is, (1) uninstal does not return my autobrake to fs ie before tsr instal. (2)I use pfc rudder pedals ect, which are connected via a com port and using manual braking wont disarm auto brake. other than those items the program seems to work quiet succesfuly! As the product has been removed would you prefer i shuold contact Mr Richter directly? as i also live in Ireland! I would appricate some input to my querys. Regards, Richard Druce.
  7. Hi, I have tried to uninstal auto brake from add remove programs,it says itis uninstalled but when using aircraft auto brakes on landing they just disarm on tuch down,as if some file wasnt replased or somthing left behind. Thanks for any ideas, Richard.
  8. Hi Holgi Many thanks for the Flybe repaint looks fantastic. Richard
  9. Hi Mikfun Could it be you are suffering from ms inability to fix the violent wind shift that carried over from fs9?, I had the same issue as you flying around the scotish islands, I got help hear and ended up registering fsuicp to try and fix this it helped a lot, Richard
  10. otter


    Ok thanks will try those settings Richard
  11. otter


    Thanks for reply Shaun and Will, I seem to remember fs9 had same bug (pity ms coudnt fix these things).Yes Will i think i was over cooking the return to idle if taken easy its not so bad,possibly the way the whole cockpit lurches forward as well makes it look worse,I susspect your correct and its in the code maybe nothing can be done to fix it just spoils an other wise nice aircraft.on a side i also see the violent wind change is still with us,flying from Glassgow to Barra and app Barra i am nearly blown into the water,have just registered fsuicp to see if i can smooth it down. Regads Richard
  12. otter


    Just to query,after returning power to idle after thrust reverse aircraft surges forward and picks up speed for a short time,is this correct? Thanks Richard
  13. Well done thats fixed it for me. sp2 no acceleration Regards Richard
  14. just installed the service pack, mission still not loading. winxp home 32bit sp3. fsx delux sp1 and sp2 no acceleration. Richard
  15. Thanks very interesting Richard
  16. Have just seen this post is new sound module out yet and how do i get it . Thanks Richard
  17. otter


    Hi, I own ew2004, is the atr single download the same aircraft as ew2004?. in the single atr download it states using the flight 1 fmc , is that the same as the one in the flight1 atr and can it be updated from navigraph, also can fs 9 flight plans be imported. Thanks in advance Otter.
  18. Just received my copy, there are some good tutorials out there on flying the pmdg but this has to be the top i have been looking for this type of instruction that can be understood by none pilots,easy to understand BIG enough to see, exelent quality ,Full marks Tim Romman. Richard
  19. Have switched of on aproach,all seems well ,done a few flights now very nice model. Thanks Richard
  20. Hi Shaun, After some trials i discovered i was turning to soon, continuing for a couple of nm more and slowing to ias 160 seems to have worked,ie smooth slow turn and good capture. this is from approx 12 nm out,does the yaw damper work on this model?. All without fmc of course. Regards Richard
  21. Hi Shaun, Ok will try that tonight.and report back, Richard
  22. atr42 300 trying to capture loc a/c seems to wander /bank left right wont stay on trk, speed 210 and slowing angle about 30 degrees, any advice appreciated Richard
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